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18 January 2018


Magregor Industries are no longer servicing or repairing JR equipment.



Servicing is offered by Mike Ridley of Model Radio Workshop


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JR Radios

21 December 2017



There has been much talk about the situation at 'JR' - Japan Remote Control Co Ltd

jr propo XG14 transmitter


As quite a few of you fly JR then you may like to read this article.  Here is an informative publication by the manufacturer:-


To all of our valued customers:

We are contacting you today to share information regarding the recent changes at JR Propo. While we are sure you have already heard some information either from JR Propo, or various posts and rumors, we feel it is important as our valued customer that you hear the correct information, directly from JR Propo.

We also realize that this communication should have been made sooner by us, but due to the many changes at JR, we are simply behind with this communication, and for that, we apologize.

Supply (logistics and production)

JR has made the decision to close our Japan factory at the end of July 2016, located in Matsusaka, and move production of these products to our more cost effective Sanei factory, located in Malaysia.

Sanei has proven for many years to produce high quality JR products at reasonable cost, and since current production was far from 100%, it makes good business sense for JR to move all Propo production to Sanei.

As for delivery of products, mainly for Japanese Domestic Market, JR is in the process of selecting an external logistics partner to handle shipment and delivery.

JR regrets that these changes, although necessary, might cause some delays and inventory shortages until the Sanei factory, and our external logistics service is fully up to speed and operational.

These transfers are scheduled to be completed by the end of September, barring any unforeseen problems or delays.

JR thanks its customers for your patience during this transition, and we apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

 Development (Hobby and Industry)

With the decline of the Radio Control Hobby market World Wide, and the need for JR to grow and regain sales, JR must temporarily focus our main effort towards the multi-purpose industrial helicopter market.

While it is true that for now, JR must focus most of our efforts for new product development towards the industrial projects, this does not mean that JR is planning to leave the RC hobby market.

Since JR is not a large company, our engineering staff and resources are somewhat limited, so our current engineers must give their main efforts to the industrial project to be successful.

This of course means that there will be unfortunate delays in the development of new RC Hobby products, but we are sure that technologies learned during the industrial project will result in these technologies being applied to new JR RC Hobby products in the future.

Through our expansion to the Industrial RC Market, JR will gain not only a financial benefit to make our company stronger, but also the new technologies that will enable us to also become stronger in the RC Hobby business in the future.

Please know that JR will continue to produce and provide current RC Hobby items, and new product development will increase once the industrial project has been realized.

Please also know that JR Propo’s foundation has been for the RC Hobby business for more than 40 years now, and JR is still committed to the RC Hobby business for the future as well.

We do apologize to all of our loyal customers for temporary delays in supply and new product development, but we are confident that JR Propo will be much stronger and more capable company in the near future.

Best Regards

Japan Remote Control Co Ltd


More here:   http://www.jrpropo.co.jp/english/products/propo/search2.php?he7=sv


14 February 2016






 All goods purchased over the Internet and shipped to the UK are liable to Taxes and Duties if the value exceeds £15.   The sender or their website will explain the Import Regulations.   If they do not the freight company employed to ship the goods cannot be held responsible for this omission.

 All freight companies are legally required to clear ALL goods through H. M. Revenue and Customs on arrival into the UK.


2.   GIFTS

Gifts are goods, which are intended for personal use of the recipient and his/her family, the quantity does not indicate any commercial intent and the sender has not requested or received payment from the recipient.

Furthermore the value of the gifts must not exceed £34 for each recipient.   (This must be clearly marked on the invoice accompanying the goods.)



 These goods could be subject to Taxes and Duties on their arrival.



Taxes and Duties are calculated on the delivered price of the goods, i.e. 20% of the value of the goods plus transport and other associated costs.




17 October 2014

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