Reliable Switch

Ultra Reliable 20A Switch for RC


Here's an interesting switch for you electric flyers

The Ultra Reliable Switch designed for Glow or Small EP planes.

Standard slider type switches can be the weak link in the chain causing your aircraft to crash. Reason being that on glow/petrol planes they can be affected by vibration, dust, oil and moisture.

On the contrary to normal switch, ultra reliable switch's circuit is OFF when the slider is ON position. When you push the slider to the position OFF the MOSFET that drives the circuit becomes active and opens the circuit. This way the switch is not affected neither from the vibration caused by the plane itself, nor from the corrosion, dust, moisture or oil.

This electronic design uses high power MOSFET for opening the switch and current limit is extremely higher than all mechanical switches.

We are using 20Ah MOSFETs for this small switches and they can handle 100Ah peak currents on hard conditions. 

You can use it with your Gliders, Glow planes or Small EP planes.


  • Low Quiescent Current (50uA on 5Volt)
  • Very Low Internal Resistance (0.006 Ohm on 5V)
  • Wide Operation Voltage (2-30Volt)
  • Very High Current Resistance (20A Continuous, 100A Pulsed)
  • Onboard LED indicator
  • Large Soldering Pads


Worth thinking about

Visit the FLYTRON website for more information on this and also aircraft lighting systems ...........


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