07 April 2015


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Lough Cowey Sept 2020

06 September 2020




Early arrivals.


Calm waters on the lough.


Laurie with his 'Icon'.  Flew very well.


Visitors watching Steve doing aerobatics with his 'Multistar'.



Getting prepared.



Two 'auld boys' and a young fella.


Wow!  A lovely 'Skyvan' expertly piloted by Mr Browne.


Laurie's 'Seawind' would not play ball.  Despite the best efforts of those who understand electrics, it stubbornly refused to start.



Keith with his Grand Tundra.  Today was it's first time on the water.  Did brilliantly.



Steve has his eye on something.



Barry brings his lovely J3 Cub to these events.  As always, he flew it in a lovely scale-like manner.


'Rescue One' on it's first deployment.   Looks to be a lot of weight up front!!


Steve's Acro Wot safely recovered after a tip stall.



A helping hand is always appreciated.


Some of the lads taking a break.


Johnny pops over to observe what we get up to.


One man and his duck!


Steve's duck almost gets onto the plane.


A great day was had at Cowey.  Lovely weather and lots of flying.


A big thank you to Sam for getting 'Rescue One' cleaned, inspected and made ready for the squadron. 





BBQ 2020

30 August 2020

CLUB BBQ - 2020

The weather forecast for the day of our BBQ was not encouraging but none the less ten pilots came to Kirkistown determined to make the most of what the day would offer and to support the event.



Chef Barnes prepares the garnishes whilst the bbq gets up to temperature


Yours truely assists


Top class burgers and sausages cooking under the watchful eye of our chef




                                                           Brian, Keith and Rob anxiously anticipating a 'Barnes Burger'










Eight pilots sent their planes aloft and enjoyed the somewhat challenging conditions.  One pilot hangared
his model as it was deemed too small to be flown in the 18-mph breeze.  A wise decision.

It was a lovely warm sunny day at Kirkistown made all the better with the flying, the burgers and the craic.




Great turnout

16 August 2020


The weather was favourable and I counted fifteen pilots preparing their models for flight.  In addition, two new members joined the club.

Steve and Stewart fired up their 'bipes' and enjoyed some close proximity flying!


Stewart managed to track down a nice scale pilot for the office in his 'Tiggy'.  Leather flying jacket, sheep wool collar and of course, the obligitory white silk scarf.


Thinking about a name for him, Mark thought it would be a nice idea to call him 'Tubby' Dash.
Tubby was chief Flying instructor at the Ulster Flying Club and was a truely wonderful person.
He examined me for my PPL.



                         Tubby Dash, 73 years, former chief flying instructor, Ulster Flying Club, Newtownards.
                         In early aviator style kit, goggles and helmet, posing alongside a Tiger Moth at UFC.



Rob dusted down his favourite model and flew it like a man demented.  Must see if I have a spare throttle servo to lend him!


Johnny had his new Messerschmitt 109 along for its maiden flight. (Sorry - no pic at this time.) 

Chief test pilot Brown put it through its paces and commented, "it flies beautifully".  A relieved Johnny went home a very happy man.

A most enjoyable Saturday was had by all.

My Mama told me, " there would be days like this".



New member

16 August 2020



Photo to follow



In the past he used to fly  mainly IC but nowdays he uses electric motivation for his models.

Ed hails from Bangor and he hopes to be visiting us at Kirkistown very soon.



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