07 April 2015


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Great Day

19 September 2021



Fourteen pilots turned out on Saturday and enjoyed some fine mid-September weather and lots of good flying.

Petrol, glow, electric and jet powered models were flown which shows the diversity of models within the Club.

All-in-all, a most enjoyable day at the Field.



New Member Lee

12 September 2021

We are delighted to welcome Lee at NDMAC


Lee decided to get back into flying RC after a long absense from the hobby; twenty years no less!

Seen here with a maticulously prepared Ripmax trainer and fitted with an O.S. glow engine and new servos, the model was carefully checked over by Stewart, and then was ready for a first flight.


Keith did the honours and after giving it a couple of clicks of trim, the Tx was passed over.   Lee uses Futaba so Keith was unable to 'buddy' Lee for this flight.  Not a problem.  Lee demonstrated he'd not lost his touch and soon was able to take off and land in a safe manner.

Resident in Bangor and from an electrical engineering background, Lee states he will more than likely stick with internal combustion engines.  "Hooray"!

Welcome to the Squadron Lee.



New Member Allan

04 September 2021



We are delighted to welcome Allan at NDMAC and hope it won't be too long before he earns his 'wings'.


Allan brought along his new Arrows 'Husky' electric model which he got from Steve Webb Models.


This plane is powered by a 5 or 6-cell LiPo and spans no less that 1800mm.  Should be a good 'starter' model
if appearances are anything to go by.  The finish is top-class.

 Keith has offered to be his mentor and he'll undoubtly be in good hands.


Allan hails from the townland of 'Halbert' so there'll be no excuse for not hopping over the fence on a regular
basis to join in the activities.

I also learned that Allan is an artist specialising in portraits.  Below is a lovely photograph of a dog which he painted; simply stunning!


So if any of you would like your portrait to hang above the mantlepiece, Allan's your man!

Welcome to the squadron Allan.  Hope you enjoy many happy landings.



Great Day

18 July 2021

                               SATURDAY 17TH JULY

Thirteen pilots took to the sky and thoroughly enjoyed the lovely summer weather.  Ideal flying conditions.

The forecast for the day indicated the wind would be along the concrete runway but in fact it was along the tarmac runway.  Not a problem!


Don't forget, the Club's BBQ is available at all times so, please feel free to utilise it if you wish.  No Charge!!



Both runways have received the attention of the NDMAC repair squad. The cement mixer kindly donated to the club by John W has made this task so much easier than before.





Weed spraying is recommended to be done every two weeks. . So, if you have a few minutes to spare, grab a sprayer and 'zap' the little green shoots before they have a chance to establish.




Some steel panels on  the rear of the shed have rusted quite badly in places.  Peter McD and Mike have kindly volunteered to address the problem before they deteriorate further.   A big thank you for that. 



That's all for now folks.  "Happy landings"




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