Two maidens

27 May 2020



The 'Be Flyer' brought along his new Cub with a nice little 4-stroke fitted.  After a 'wobble' on take-off, Mark managed to get things under control and flew the plane in a lovely scale-like manner.  The Cub is out of the VQ stable and represents excellent value for money.



Next up was Taildragger's 20cc 'Slick'  It's a Goldwing model of just reasonable quaity and doesn't measure up to Pilot RC standards.  (But at least the wings stayed on!!)

Not having flown for many weeks I got my chief test pilot Keith M, to do the maiden.  I noticed his hands were trembling on the Tx!!  Not suprising though.  The responsibility and all that!

The model didn't handle well and we put this down to the C of G being too far forward.

Six pilots turned out and we all agreed we had a great comeback into the sport.



Laser 60cc

19 March 2020


After the demise of my Pilot RC Extra 330sc (wing tube failure) I decided to go for this new model with my fingers crossed that the same would not happen again!

There is extensive use of carbon fibre giving the fuselage great strength and rigidity.







The plane is powered by a GP61 2-stroke petrol motor and Hitec servos are installed.  Another great feature on this model is the quick connect system for stabilisers and wings.  Very nifty!  Love the decals too.

Maiden flight went well and she lives to fly another day.





New Member MC

19 March 2020



Michael is a 'Drone-man' and obtained his licence to operate a drone commercially, the PfCO.
(A Permission for Commercial Operation)

Formally, a flight test engineer at Short Bros, and laterally a retired 747 captain, now Michael has plenty of time on his hands to persue the hobby and maybe take up flying fixed wing aircraft. (Eh Michael?)

Michael hails from Belfast and we look forward to seeing him down at the field as often as possible.



Autonomous flight

05 February 2020

Fourth year students from Q U B's School of Mechanical & Aero Space Engineering were granted permission to test their final year projects at Kirkistown today.


                                     George        Jacob Robinson       Aaron McMaster       Keith

Supervised by George and expertly assisted by Keith, the lads programmed their models to take off, fly to pre-programmed waypoints, return and land safely on the runway, all autonomously!

The winds were light today and the models behaved well.  Some adjustments were deemed necessery so the lads
hope to return shortly and perfect the autonomous capabilities of their flying machines.

I'll definately need one of these for my 'B' Test !




Bill Morrison

05 January 2020



We all were very sad to learn of Bill's passing.  Bill had been a long standing member of NDMAC and previously a member of UMAC.

Amongst Bill's other interests was his enthusiasm for Meccano building.  He has constructed many intricate models, none of which would ever fly, but none-the-less, very detailed in design and build.

Our condolences are offered to his wife and daughters and to his greater family circle.




12 October 2019









    Well done Steve.  Another successful flight.



Shelter Upgrade

29 September 2019












Steve's next step is to fit the cladding and source a suitable double door unit for the middle portal.





27 September 2019



After a long absence we were delighted to welcome Brian back to the squadron



Brian has been a long-time member of NDMAC and feels now he is fit to join us again at the field.
He very much likes a challange.  If you have a badly smashed up model, Brian would take it to his workshop and meticulously rebuild the pieces into a great flying model once again! 

You could be kept busy again Brian!



Inner Lane

18 August 2019



Such a difference!


Team NDMAC   -   JOB done

Good days - bad days

13 August 2019



After a period of recouperation following a recent visit to the fracture clinic the 'Be-Flyer' prepared his 'Dauntless' for a maiden flight.




Engine started no problem and the model took off without incident.  Sadly, following a left turn the Dauntless surccumed to a tip stall ending up in the grass.




Mark immediately contacted the fracture consultant (Stephen H) to arrange another appointment and hopes he'll have his Dauntless mended and ready for Saturday.  Emmm!!

Reminds me of what my flying instructor would preach. 

"Maintain thine airspeed lest the earth shall rise and smite thee"



New Member BB

13 August 2019



Brian has applied for membership and says he's  "looking forward to getting back into it". 

As an experianced aircraft avionics engineer he will have no problem getting to grips with the intricacies of today's modern transmitters.

Brian hails from Bangor and is looking forward to upping his skill levels with the assistance of the club's instructors.

Welcome aboard Brian.

Cosford Trip '19

30 July 2019



First stop - the 'Toby Carvery'


Big fry-ups all round!




Think this is Mark's favourite plane






Time for coffee





An evening meal and a pint or two



A big thank you to Mark the 'B'-Flyer for these photographs

Taildragger BBQ

30 June 2019
















Mark gets his Dauntless back from the fracture clinic                      Chef Barnes enjoying some burger flipping






                                 THE PARTY'S OVER

                                                                A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ONE AND ALL



Welcome BW

30 June 2019



 Brian has applied to join the squadron at NDMAC and we very much welcome him 'on board'.

Until recently he has been flying at Newtownards with the Bangor Electric Club.

Brian is an accomplished pilot and has some really nice electric powered models in the hangar.   We'll be looking forward to
seeing him at the field on a regular basis.



April 20th

21 April 2019


The lovely April weather saw a good turnout of pilots and planes at Kirkistown this Saturday.

Thirteen members took their turn cooking a variety of different flavoured sausages on the BBQ
which were kindly gifted by Stephen H.


We were delighted when we received a visit from Brian and Shirley, and one very excitable cocker spaniel.  Brian has
been absent from the Club for some time but is hopeful he'll be able to visit us again quite soon.

You're always welcome Brian.


Matthew brought along his new Yak for its maiden flight and I happy to report that all went well.  I understand
his pylon racer didn't fair just so good!


Not so the case for Stephen who had an unfortunate incident with his lovely AcroWot XL.  Not to be deterred,
Stephen now has his eye on a new WotsWot so do doubt we'll see it on the flight line very soon.




Lawrence's New-build

26 February 2019

Lawrence has been busy this winter and completed this beautifully finished 'Harvard'


The model is fitted with an O.S. 56 4-stroke which will sound lovely.



The Harvard was built from a plan and covered in 'Oracover' with lots of scale detail. It looks really well .

Lawrence says he has a couple more things to attend to before bringing the Harvard along for its maiden flight. 
We will certainly very much look forward to see it in the air soon.  Congratulations Lawrence on turning out such a stunning model.




Lane Repairs 2019

10 February 2019




Team NDMAC turned out in force on Saturday to sort out the ramp at the entrance to the lane


Seventeen tonnes of Crusher Run arrived at 10 am and the lads immediately got to work with forks, spades, shovels and rakes.





Molly (mistakenly) thought one member wasn't putting his back into it and made her feelings known







A great big thank you to all the lads for turning out on the day



'A' Certificates

19 January 2019


Two courageous pilots put their name forward and took the 'A' certificate test this Saturday.

Brave indeed because the wind speeds were up around 14 mph and across the runway.


Steve tackled the blustry conditions with his petrol powered 'AcroWot XL' and, after being awarded a pass, he went on to answer the mandatory test questions correctly.

Keith got his 'Grand Tundra' out of the car, and despite the strong cross winds, he completed the flying test to the satisfaction of the our club examiners, Mike and Barry. 




                                     VERY WELL DONE LADS


BBQ time

06 January 2019


Burgers and sausages were the order of the day and throughly enjoyed by all.


The BBQ is available anytime so bring along your 'goodies', fire it up and enjoy some sausages or burgers cooked just the way you like them.




06 January 2019



New Member PMcD

02 January 2019



Peter, who just recently joined the Club,  is 'keen as mustard' to hone his flying skills with his new electric powered model. 
A single gent from Belfast, Peter is hopeful that the winds will die away soon when he can get some enjoyable flights under his belt.




Xmas Dinner 2018

13 December 2018


                                                       The 'Salty Dog'.   The venue of our 2018 Christmas dinner













                                            ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL   -   A GOOD NIGHT WAS HAD BY ALL


Bill Shanks

06 December 2018

Bill pased away peacefully on Tuesday 4th December 2018


He was a highly esteemed, long serving member of NDMAC, always immaculately turned out with collar and tie and shoes polished.


                                                                                     1927   -   2018

Generous to a fault, his mind was sharp as a razor despite his 90 odd birthdays and his hearing difficulties, which he never allowed to isolate him.  A gentleman of the 'old school', I never heard him say a word against anyone and he was always interested to hear the latest Club news.

Bill flew regularly up until the last couple of years, under the tutelage of Michael, with the aid of his buddy system.  He wasn't the greatest fan of electric propulsion, much preferring smoke and noise, and was determined, to the end, to get that elusive 'A' certificate.  On his other liking for smoke, he would say that it was easy to give up the habit, but it was even easier to re-start!

After Bill's road accident a few years ago, Michael, at no small gift of time and effort, also provided his much appreciated and caring transport to and from Kirkistown and other Club events.

Bill was a great example for us all and will be very sadly missed.


G Elliott

Man of the Year

08 December 2018

                                         OUR MAN OF THE YEAR


                                                                                            Stephen Hamilton

Club's BBQ

02 December 2018




The new BBQ is available to anyone wishing to cook their burgers, sausages etc. on any flying day at the field, so feel free to make use of it.



                                          Ricky and David struggle with the assembly of an ARTF (Almost Ready To Fry) BBQ unit
                                                     The good news is the unit is now complete and ready to use.  Thanks lads.


Tony's new plane

02 November 2018



The 'Prof' has been busy recently labouring away in his workshop at the bottom of the garden.  Under construction was a kit from Great Planes known as the 'Slow Poke'.



This is the 'Slow Poke' sporting a wing span of 62-inches and a wing cord of no less than 18-inches!  Should make for some interesting flying!  Tony has selected an ASP .61 four stroke to power the model and he hopes to have its maiden flight shortly.

Tony commissioned Peter to build the model and today it was on display at the 'field'.  A truely beautiful and professional job as we've come to expect from the workshop of the Prof.  All that remains is for the plumbing to be connected and the C og G checked.


Peter hands over the completed project to its proud owner


Covered in parts with Oracover and others with Hobby King covering.  Stunning.


Let's hope it flys as good as it looks.  I'm sure it will.




Starting Bench

21 October 2018



On behalf of the Club, George thanks Stephen for his generous donation of a superb Starting Bench which will be of
great benefit  to members, both young and old.


MTK is first up to try starting his 50cc Sbach.   The model is well restrained and at a comfortable height for swinging the prop.
Adjustments to the engine are more easily managed which will surely add to the safety of pilots when working with their plane.


Stephen built this bench from a set of plans provided by Manny Williamson (BMFA).  The unit is very well constructed (no surprise here!) and with its wheels it can be moved to any location and strored in the Shelter when not required.

Thank you very much Stephen for your hard work and generosity.





An 'old' member

21 October 2018




Recognise the chap in the middle?    Yes, he's a fully paid up member!   Often sought after, rarely seen but always welcome.



New Member DB

24 September 2018




David had his first flight courtesy of Ricky's donated Sedona.  Although connected with a 'buddy lead' he managed extremely well requiring hardly any intervention by his instructor.  Very well done indeed.  David has joined the 'Taranis' brigade and invested in a new transmitter. Hopefully he'll soon get his head 'round' the menuu sustem with some help from Keith and the supplied instruction manual!  Good luck with that!

A keen sailor, motorcyclist and 'motor-homer', David hails from Bangor and hopes to be down at the field as often as possible.

Welcome a'board David.



Two 'Maidens'

16 September 2018


Ricky brought along his new H9 'Meridian' for its first flight.



Electrically powered, the model flew well needing only a few clicks of trim, so Ricky was a very 'happy bunny' when he landed the plane successfully and recovered his nerves.


Another model maidened today was Taildragger's foamie 'Seawind'.  ARTF by ST Models.

This plane was bought specifically for flying off Lough Cowey.  It's a true amphibian with retracts.  It can be taxied down the slipway into the water and then the undercarriage retracted.  Neat!!  When the u/c is retracted a water rudder is automatically deployed.



Flaps are standard as is wing tip strobe lighting.

The maiden flight was uneventful; a few clicks of elevator trim had the model flying straight and level.  It's powered with a 3-S LiPo 2200 mAh capacity and is a pleasure to fly.  Purchased from Slough Radio Control Models and delivered for under £200.



Coming our way

15 August 2018




This beautiful 'Xcaliber' Jet is believed to be destined to fly at Kirkistown.  The lucky new owner is playing his cards close to his chest so we'll have to wait and see!



New member - MC

01 July 2018


A big welcome to Martin who has joined the squadron at NDMAC



Martin decided a H.K. 'Tundra' would be a suitable model for starters.  Mentored by Michael, he's had the three trial flights, covered under the terms of the BMFA's insurance. 

Martin thinks model flying is definately for him so had no hesitation in applying for membership of the Club. 

Glad to have you a'board Martin.


"Happy landings"


At TD43's June BBQ

28 June 2018
















A big thank you to Michael who stepped in for chef Barnes who unfortunately, was unable to join us on the night


Some of the gang looking in good spirits after enjoying the grub, the booze and some good craic



New Loo

24 May 2018





Ricky has wasted no time in constructing our new Loo.


We'd like to pass on our grateful thanks to 'Ricky the Bricky' for all his hard work with this project.  Hopefully we'll have a commissioning ceramony soon if George would make himself available.  First splash and all that!




Work Party

03 May 2018




We should see the results of our efforts in about two weeks time, so fingers crossed.


The next item on the agenda will be to fill the many holes in the runways with either cement or cold tar.  Difficult to know which is more suitable for the job.  Neither seems to last for very long.



Team NDMAC                              John    Ricky    Mike    Barry    Peter    Mark & Molly   Ken   Stewart



                         Mark brought Molly along to supervise and ensure there was no slacking.  Nice set of nashers there.



                                           After nearly losing his left arm, Peter keeps a safe distance from Molly


       A very big thank you to the Lads for a job well done,

 and 'Happy landings' to you all.




Good turnout

29 April 2018










Light winds and sunshine motivated fourteen pilots with upbeat spirits (and planes) to descend on Kirkistown Saturday past, for a most enjoyable day's flying and craic.  It was lovely to see some family members visit and watch the antics we get up to.

Some lads had to depart early but nonetheless, it was nice to see everyone in such good form, especially after an abysmal winter season.


I hear on the grapevine a couple of members are contemplating purchasing the Durafly 'Tundra'.  These bi-functional models are becoming really popular.  There will be six of them in our club if that's the case.  Supplied with floats (and wheels) as standard, powered by a 3-S LiPo and fitted with flaps, they are really good fun to play with.  Quite aerobatic.  We've watched MTK ( rip the ****, )  tear up the sky with a very skilled flying display, such as only a young man of tender years can do!   Keith too has one, but fitted with an uprated motor and battery!  Goes vertical for ever.......



New Member - KM

05 April 2018





Kyle, who is 11-yrs young, is the latest member to join the Club.  We welcome him 'on board' if for no other reason than he brings down the average age of the club's membership!

Kyle is learning to fly his Dad's 'Tundra' with the aid of a 'buddy lead'.  Today he coped extremely well in the strong breeze.  From what we have witnessed so far, we are confident he will follow in his father's footsteps and quickly become a confident accomplished pilot in the very near future.

He has kindly taken it upon himself to nuture the recent plantings of Nasturtiums at the Pits and see off the hungry caterpillars, which given half a chance, will have the leaves for breakfast!  Thank you Kyle and we wish you many Happy Landings.



Spice Night

23 February 2018







Nine diners were able to attend and enjoy the gastronomic experiance and a good evening's craic










It was generally agreed the food and service was excellent on the night.  A big thank you to John, George and Tony
for providing the 'taxi service' to and from the restaurant.

Until the next time.................





18 February 2018



Clear blue skies.  Just two aircraft flying at the time when a Wot4 and a Tundra competed for the same air space!



Fortunately for the two pilots concerned only minor damage was visible on the airframes and both planes landed successfully.

As regulations require, the commercial pilot who was flying the Wot4 is busy filling in a mandatory accident report form for the authorities. The pilot of the Tundra was astonished that this type of incident could have repeated itself!

'Happy Landings'



An Oldie

24 January 2018


At a recent coffee morning Eric produced this interesting Futaba transmitter



This is a Futaba 'J' series which was used on 27 Mc/s or should I say, 27 Mhz

Eric demonstrated it still working although it has been upgraded with a module to 35 Mhz.  Purchased in 1979 it was considered a very desirable piece of kit and cost the princely sum of £310 after discount.  I wonder what that would be in today's money?

Note: The 'Oldie' referred to is the Tx and not Eric!




Dennis McNeill

21 January 2018





Dennis was a founder member of the Banbridge Aeromodelling Club and that was 43-years ago.

Our sport has lost a most enthusiastic supporter and Dennis will be sadly missed.



Barry's presentation

18 December 2017






The 'Prof' officiated as Master of Ceremonies


Barry was visibly touched as he examined the plaque



Barry was further gifted with a dinner voucher (for two!!) to a popular Bangor restaurant.  It was pointed out that the restaurant is not licenced.  Noticing a slight look of anxiety on Barry's face, a further gift was produced from under the table;  two bottles of vino for Barry and friend to enjoy with their meal!

Peter thanked Barry for his many years of service to the club, most recently as chairman, and wished him all good health and many more years on the flight line.



Xmas Dinner 2017

18 December 2017



The event was very well attended with eighteen members partaking of the traditional Xmas fare.  Sadly, two lads had to miss out due to illness.



























At the next table                                    And finally........'Merry Christmas'

Man of the year

26 December 2017


                              MAN OF THE YEAR




                                                 KEITH VOTED OUR 'MAN OF THE YEAR' 2017


Lough Cowey

19 November 2017




Seldom are we favoured with calm weather but today was the exception.  Windspeeds between 0 & 3 mph!  The water was flat calm as you can see in the photograph.

'Rescue ONE' and its trailer are now in storage until spring, next year.



Stephen form UMAC joined in the activities with his squadron of 4-water planes and his r/c rescue boat, 'Little Toot'. 

An overview of the Lough by 'Snapper Martin':

All-in-all, a wonderful day's flying.



Drone Safety

30 October 2017

Things Happen

04 October 2017




MTK and Bill put on a brave face


Another one bites the dust


A sad end to a long serving 'Sedona'

Chopped Finger Club

02 October 2017




Endeavouring to start a 55cc petrol plane which was not correctly restrained resulted in the pilot being attacked by a very sharp G-Sonic propellor.



A moment's lack of concentration and this is what happened


The tendons in two fingers were severed and the tip of the little finger was all but chopped off. 

The pilot was wearing a glove for protection but it was no match for a powerful engine and a sharp propellor.

Upon a visit to A & E at the Ulster, plastic surgery was quickly organised.  That involved joining the tendons together in two fingers and resetting fragmented bone pieces in the little finger.  One and a half hours in theatre.


A big thank you to the NHS for the wonderful care provided and to the surgeon who was a 'dab hand' with her needle and thread.



(Out of action for at least six weeks!)


New Member

02 October 2017






Stephen is new to the sport and had his maiden flight on Saturday past. 

A skilled modeller, he has scratch built many model boats and professes to be a tad nervous about flying planes.  Aren't we all !!!

If his maiden flight is anything to go by, it'll not be too long before he masters the art.

Welcome to the squad Stephen.




Jim Adair

05 September 2017




                              1937 - 2017


Jim was a long standing member of the North Down Model Aircraft Club.   I am advised that he passed away peacefully in hospital, on Thursday 31st August after a long illness.

Jim is survived by his sister Bertha, his two brothers, Hugh and Wesley and his 'best friend' Jimmy.



Jim spent his early days at sea and would often recall to us some of his exploits and adventures on the high seas. 

As a young lad Jim served on board a Kelly's coal boat.  I remember him telling me that his bunk had no mattress. It was made of straw!  Jim was a quiet and unassuming individual and a delight to be around.

Very sadly missed.




Lough Cowey

28 August 2017




Another excellend day at the lough















Tony's Seamaster decides to do it's own thing!                                    Over she goes!



'Rescue One' to the rescue





David had difficulty getting his airborne.  No worries though                  Stephen brings his own recovery boat 'Little Toot' to the rescue



Disappearing act!   The Boss's Macchi disobeys orders                       Stephen came prepared.  Four water planes, no less!


A good turn out of pilots and excellent weather made for an enjoyable day on the water.


A very big thank you to Steve and Laurie for organising the event and handling the logistics.



New Member

08 August 2017





Simon is currently flying one of those 'whirly-ma-gig' things more commonly known as Drones.  He does however have a Thunder Tiger Trainer which he hopes shortly to resurrect to get back into fixed-wing flying.

Kirkistown will be very handy for Simon as he lives just down the road.  He enjoys his chosen career in the field of Biological Sciences associated with QUB, so if you would like to know what's going on in Strangford Lough, Simon will have the answers.



AcroWot xl

08 August 2017





The Prof had a 'hands on' with Steadyhand's XL and being mightly impressed with its flying characteristics, he ordered one for himself.  Or maybe it was a present?

Today was an occassion for a maiden flight so after the obligitory range testing and pre flight checks, it was a testing moment for pilot and plane when off she went into a lovely blue sky.    All went extremely well and when it was landed the Prof retired to the shelter to steady his nerves with a nice cup of strong coffee.

This one's fitted with an AMG 30cc petrol motor and prop.  Almost half the price of a DLE30 according to the Prof.  The cowl has yet to be fitted which will set off its sleek lines even more so. 

I wonder who will be next to add one of these to their fleet?

TD 43



New Member

18 July 2017





Keith hails from Newtownards so Kirkistown is handy for a budding pilot.  Experianced in model car racing and also 'drone' flying, Keith is looking forward to purchasing a suitable trainer type aircraft to get him started.  If anyone has some equipment they wish to dispose of which could be useful to Keith, please let us know.

Hope to see you often on the flight line Keith.


Electric Zazzy

08 July 2017



Dennis brought along his 'Zazzy' for its maiden flight


This is a sleek looking model from the Hobby King stable.  Foam material and electrically motivated.  Very nice graphics and paint job.  But how will it fly?


That question was soon answered when Dennis had it aloft and trimmed.  Very impressive.  The power is from a 4-S LiPo and controlled by JR transmitter and receiver.  It proved very stable in the 13 - 15 mph winds and all-in-all a very desirable model.  Comes complete with servos, motor and ESC.


MTK appreciating Dennis' piloting skills on this windy day.


The 'Zazzy' is probably one of the best 'foamies' I've seen in terms of the quality of finish.  It yet has to put through it's paces but I'm sure Dennis will fill you in after he's had a chance to 'wring it out'.


A maiden flight inevitably draws a crowd of spectators.


More information here:




Taildragger's BBQ

06 July 2017




Chef Barnes was 'on the coals' and cooked to perfection his highly acclaimed,  'Barnes Best Beef Burgers'


Eric and Mark give Tony's burger the 'Thumbs Up'


The look on Ken's face says it all


Waiting for 'seconds'


Yummy, Yummy


The 'Prof' chooses to enjoy his burger on the rocking chair.  It's popular with 'older' folk. 


Also on the menu were delicious Chinese ribs supplied by Thomas Family Butcher on the High Street.  Bill makes short work of his.


Good to see Bill looking so well and enjoying a beer


Bill's happy even though he couldn't find ta bottle of Chateauneuf du pape, so settled instead for a chilled beer. TD43 sticks to the vino tinto.


An enjoyable evening was had, the weather was fair and the Barnes burgers were just delicious.  Thank you Tony.





Lawrence's 'Nimble'

05 July 2017





This is a beautifully finished plane, built by Lawrence from a kit, and today it appeared at Kirkiston for its maiden flight.

Powered by an O.S. .91-four stroke, the task of test flying it was given to Steve.  After a few clicks of trim the 'Nimble' was flying very smoothly so Lawrence was a 'happy bunny' when Steve brought the model safely to rest on the concrete runway.



We hope to see it flying frequently and we do appreciate the skill and effort put into the sport by folks such as Lawrence.



New Member CB

01 July 2017




Colin has applied for membership of NDMAC and can't wait to get active on the flight line.  Served his RC apprentiship racing model cars but now he's bitten by the flying bug.

His father is a consumate scratch builder with many modelling achievements under his belt.  In his hangar are various planes including a Mosquito, a Lancaster and a Dakota.  Colin has inheritated his dad's passion for planes and hopes to bring along his Wot4 with internal combustion very soon.

Still gamefully employed (in IT), Colin will be a Saturday man, at least for the time being.

Welcome aboard.


Weston Park 2017

20 June 2017



At this year's display two lovely models collide and are written off.




This one is a favourite with Tony



























               ....................AND A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL




05 June 2017



A new model soon to appear on the flight line will be a 30% scale 'Tiggy' from the Toni Clarke stable.   Powered by a Zenoah 38cc petrol engine driving a  2.8:1 gear reduction unit, it will swing a 32 x 18" propellor.  Wingspan is 106".


The picture above shows the full size 'Tiggy' upon which this model is based


The radio gear has now been installed and the engine is ready for its first taste of petrol.  Weather permitting, we'll get it fired up very soon.

The airframe has been expertly built over a period of three years by none other than Dave Kellett in Yorkshire.  Finishing touches completed by Phil and John at Fighter Aces.


A pilot and passenger have yet to be seated


Nice view of the cockpits and instrument panels


See the video of the first engine run here:


I hope to post more photos and details over the coming weeks and shall look forward to the maiden flight, soon after 'Weston Park' I hope.






Weed Killing

09 April 2017



Seems like no time has passed since we did this last year.  Our little weedy friends were getting quite well established on both runways, so out came the Zappers!

The magnificent ZAPPERS


Both runways have been treated so we shoud see the effects within a couple of weeks.

A big thank you to the committee members who turned out in force and also to Laurie who travelled up from Newcastle and did his bit.

Next.  Any volunteers to zap the lanes????



'Butcher Bird'

09 April 2017



Put together from a HobbyKing kit this lovely 'ME190' is powered by an ASP .61 four stroke motor


Ready for the 'Off'.  The 'Be-Flyer' checks his controls


Satisfactorily trimmed out the 109 is ready for a landing


Nicely down.  A successful maiden flight in quite blustry conditions





Pilots' Box

25 March 2017


Posts and Rails have been erected at the Pilots' Box on the Concrete Runway


Safety netting to follow.  Pilots are respectively requested to use the Pilots' Box


Bill decides to do it the easy way



Ricky ponders which model will fly next


Overhead - clear skys and vapour trails


Matthew's paper plane!  Complete with electric motor, battery and receiver.  Controlled with his iPhone.  Ready for the 'maiden'



MTK takes no chances and remains behind the fencing




Lough Cowey

12 March 2017




                                                            Saturday 11th March.   A very tranquil Lough Cowey.


Virtually no wind and warm sunshine made for a wonderful day's flying.  We had the water to ourselves.



George, Matthew & Barry get set up                                                      Barry makes fine adjustments to the Macchi M55



David with his new unflown Thunder Tiger                                             The Boss launches George's Seamaster





Taildragger with the Macchi M55                                                           David and Bill (who's now back in the driving seat!)





'Rescue One'  prepares for deployment                                                  The water was as smooth as a baby's bottom



                                                      Graham's HK 'Skipper' performed well.  Can fly off grass too

Down Under

27 February 2017


Peter the 'Prof' gets ready for a glider flight at Omarama, N.Z.


The Prof gets comfy


This is a 'Duo Discus' glider which was later towed aloft by a Piper 'Pawnee'.



The Omarama Airfield is a public airfield operated by the South Island gliding community.  It is jointly owned by the Waitaki District Council and the Omarama Soaring Centre, a committee of all the South Island and some of the North Island gliding clubs of New Zealand.  The Airfield is located on State Highway 8, 1 km north of Omarama town.

Click on the link below for more information:


And when he's not flying, he's doing this:





Hard Work

12 February 2017


These courageous lads braved extreme weather conditions on Saturday and continued with the runway repairs.

Despite 20-mph plus winds and chilling temperatures they worked hard and suceeded in filling more large gaps along the concrete runway.

You are to be commended for yor efforts.


Guys - next time you visit our wonderful flying site,  pause for a moment and reflect upon the effort that goes into maintaining this prized facility.

If you feel you are able to lend assistance I know it will be greatly appreciated.   Your help will lessen the burden on those ever dependable volunteers who willingly make themselves available when there are jobs to be done.



Mark's Gipsy Moth

08 February 2017

Today Mark brought along his newly built Gipsy Moth for its maiden flight.



The model is from the DB Sport & Scale stable and is powered by an ASP four-stroke motor.  Mark did a wonderful job covering the plane with material purchased from Hobby King.  It's now ready for the maiden flight.


Up up and away.


Left hand down a bit!


Practise run before landing.


Mark commented, 'The model required only three clicks of elevator trim and handled the blustry conditions very well considering its diminutive size.  I'm very pleased with it'.




09 January 2017




                                                                        Eddie      1959 - 2017         


Those of us at NDMAC who were fortunate enough to know Eddie will forever remember his joyful personality and wonderful sense of humour.

Sadly missesd.               

Active Runway

28 December 2016




Tony positions the sign showing the runway to be used.

Sbach 342

28 December 2016




A lovely quality kit from Pilot RC.  This was maidened yesterday and will benefit from a little more weight up front.

Equipped with a DLE30 and a wrap-around muffler there was no shortage of power.  The prop is an 18x8.  Ther servos are all Hitec HS5645MG's running on 6-volts.  Spats yet to be fitted.

The colour scheme is unusual being blue, white and pink(ish).  On the lookout now for a scale lady pilot!.




Something Different

18 December 2016




Matthew captures an alien spacecraft


This model should add another dimension to your flying.    Click the picture to find out more.

Man of the Year

18 December 2016




Work Party

26 November 2016


The Gee-gees were jumping today which meant there was no flying.  Being such a nice day it was decided to carry on with repairs to the runways.

MTK was in charge of the 'tarmac' runway and the potholes were filled with cold tar.



With the aid of 'Billy's Burner' the tar was heated and softened which made for easy application.  The larger potholes have been filled and the runway is now in pretty good shape.



The 'B Flyer' does a bit of tidying up                                               Declan moored the Newcastle Lifeboat and came along to lend a hand



                                                                Ricky and the 'Prof' worked hard mixing the cement



                              TD43    -    Ricky    -    Steadyhand    -    Declan    -    MTK    -    B-Flyer    -    Johnny    -    The Prof


The 'concrete' runway is now in good shape with just a couple of seams left to do.  This we hope to tackle quite soon. If you're up for lending a hand, give Stewart a call and if you can pass the obligitory 'medical', then we'll lend you a shovel and a trowel for the day.


              A BIG thanks to the work party and also to Bill McC for fabricating his own design 'Tar Cooker' which
proved indispensable on the day.





21 November 2016



Saturday saw Steve bring along his lovely scratch built 'Hammerhead' for its maiden flight.


The plane is a Hammerhead 750


This was a pre-production test build of the kit with regular feedback being sent back to the designer . Various sizes of the design will be available in the New Year

The design is what I call 'old school' in that it is an all built up structure (no lite ply used here) and specifically designed for the rough air conditions experienced in the NE of England.

The test flight went well with only a few clicks of elevator required to trim for level flight.  The plane was very stable and easy to fly especially on the approach to land.  Unfortunately a slightly off tune engine and loss of the tail wheel didn’t allow for more than one flight.

Model Specs are:

Wingspan of 75”      Weight approx. 13 Lbs.    Evolution 33cc Petrol Engine with a Just Engines bespoke Duo silencer to keep the noise within reasonable limits.  Savox digital servos and FRSKY.

Taranis Radio equipment.  Two 5 cell NiMh batteries were mounted in the nose to get the CG in place.





'Essener Cup'

20 November 2016

Congratulations to Steve on winning the 'Essener Cup' 2016


Steve proudly displays his trophy


The award makes Steve the NIAA Area Aerobatics Champion 2016 in the IMAC Basic Class.

So who's next?  'Sparky' Braithwaite by all accounts.

Very well done Steve




'Old Hand' Returns

15 November 2016




After an absence of some three years Eric choose today to pay us a visit and fly his new 'Acro-wot'



This model is an electric 'foamie' and after the initial setting up and range testing, it was time to 'bite the bullet' and go for it.

A gentle breeze was all the model had to contend with and a couple of clicks of trim had the Acro-wot flying beautifully.  Eric went on the sticks for the second flight and remarked, "it is all coming back to me".   Hopefully the plane would do so as well!

Looking forward to seeing Eric again soon.




07 November 2016


Committee members weighed in on Saturday and continued with repairs to the concrete runway.


Redundant restraints were removed and repositioned


The 'Boss' returns to collect another load of concrete


The 'Prof' is a 'dab hand' at pointing

Ricky and George secured the remaining fence panels in place and the final screws were fitted to secure the rear of the shelter.  So now all is safe and sound pending the onslought of winter gales and the imminent arrival of our 'wooly friends'.

Your Committee working for you.



Crash and Fire

31 October 2016



After take-off, the 'Visionaire' climed steeply,  executed a perfect loop then crashed nose first onto the runway.  No time to don breathing apparatus.  Without thought for his personal safety, Tony bravely rushed to the crash site to salvage whatever he could.



Still smoking well!


Flames can be seen but Tony manages to extricate the battery, a 3S LiPo

Enough excitement for one day.




23 October 2016


Fortunately 'mid-airs' are not a common occurence

There were four planes aloft when the accident occurred.  Mark's 'Messerschmitt'  and Ricky's 'Wot-4' came head-to-head and took everyone by surprise.  'Knock-for-knock' with the insurance'?  'Steadyhand' had a premonition it would seem and decided not to fly until there were fewer planes in the air.  Good call George!


Mark & Ricky put an a brave face after the incident

Both pilots debated as to whether the models were repairable.  (Phone BC.  He might be up for it!)




Good Turnout

20 October 2016

Thursday saw a good turnout of mid-week pilots probably on account of a very favourable weather forecast.

Fourteen members and a visitor came to Kirkistown and enjoyed some lovely Autum weather and relaxing flying in the light airs.  Both runways were used when the wind direction changed and the sun 'came out' making flying off the concrete runway difficult at times.

Later in the day the turbine 'fired up' and the blades rotated suprisingly quickly despite the low wind speed; in the region of 6-mph I would guess.  No one seemed too bothered by our active neighbour.

Not risking my own plane, Ken volunteered his foamy glider, so I passed by close on the downwind side and noticed no turbulance at all!  When I say close, I mean a lot closer than one would normally pass.  Interesting.

My Mama told me, 'there would be days like this'.





12 October 2016






'The Mixer'

The 'Prof' was on the shovel


'The Raker'

Ken volunteered to rake out the seams



Ricky busy with the trowel



'Taildragger'  moves material


Work commenced at 10.30 and finished up at around 4.00pm with a good hour or more taken for a lunch break.   The long lengths of wide seams in the concrete runway were filled with a mix of small stones, sand and cement.  Upon final inspection we all agreed the runway is a lot more servicable and safer to use.  Hope you guys agree.

Still a bit more filling to be done but this will be for another day. 

A very big thanks to the Peter, Ricky and Ken for all their hard work.

Off to visit the chiropractor now!





09 October 2016


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has recently launched its ‘Prototype Rules’ for the regulation of ‘unmanned aircraft’ throughout Europe. 


In their current form, the proposals represent a serious threat to model flying as we know it which I cannot understate.  You can read the ‘Prototype Rules’ and the ‘Explanatory Note’ here:

The Prototype Rules are clearly written to deal with the rapidly developing area of ‘drone’ operation (at this time principally multi-rotor aircraft).  Unfortunately, ‘drones’ and model aircraft share the same legal definition as ‘unmanned aircraft’ (UA) which means that the proposed regulations also capture model flying.

There have undoubtedly been some breaches of existing laws by pilots operating ‘drones’ in ignorance of the regulations (or with disregard for them) which have received sensationalised coverage by the media.  I am doubtful that the proposed complex regulations will address this problem in any way.

There is also concern that ‘drones’ may be used for illegal or terrorist acts, but again I very much doubt that the proposed regulations will have any bearing on this.  There are some fairly stringent regulations in place for shotguns, but it doesn’t stop people occasionally using one to hold up a Post Office!

The rules are ‘prototype’ at this stage as currently EASA has no power to regulate any aircraft below 150Kg.  Unfortunately, it seems a matter of formality that the European Parliament will grant them this power in the very near future.

For model flying, the proposed Prototype Rules are largely unnecessary, overly complex and disproportionate given the widely acknowledged safety record for model flying established over the last century throughout Europe. 

EASA are struggling to get to grips with model flying as an activity.  As written, the proposals seem to represent a fine example of the worst excesses of EU regulation, developed to deal with an area where it is simply not required and even EASA themselves acknowledge that there is no real problem.  It’s a sledgehammer to crack a non-existent nut! 

The proposals do not fit many established forms of model aircraft types such control line and free flight.  EASA seems unable to grasp that model flying covers an enormous range of activities from indoor duration models weighing little more than a gram, up to complex turbine powered radio controlled aircraft and everything in between (including balloons and rockets).  As such, whilst I would accept EASA’s comment that it is ‘difficult to produce a definition for model aircraft’, I cannot accept that they are unable to define model flying as a specific area of operation.

EASA argue that excluding model aircraft from the prototype rules would allow operators to declare their ‘drone’ as a model aircraft and escape the requirements, therefore ‘opening a safety gap’.  I argue that this would only be an issue if the ‘drone’ was flown outside of the terms of ‘model flying’ which would be limited to sport & recreation in accordance with rules agreed with the national authority (CAA) and carried out within unaided visual line of sight.  EASA state in justification that ‘a significant number of incidents are caused by unmanned aircraft operated non-commercially’.  It is my view that the number of credible reports is overstated and perhaps not as ‘significant’ as suggested.  There are no longer any UFO reports, only ‘drones’ (though one of these may actually have been a carrier bag!).

Model Flying for Association Members

EASA has placed model flying carried out within the framework of associations/clubs (like the BMFA/LMA/SAA) within their proposed ‘Specific Category’ and in Article 15 they provide some ‘Transitional Provisions’ covering the three years from implementation of the rules.  After the ‘transition’ period, it is proposed that ‘authorisations are issued by national authorities to associations or clubs taking into account their safety record’ and defining which regulations will or will not apply.

EASA’s intent with Article 15 was to allow national authorities (like our own Civil Aviation Authority) some freedom to largely maintain the ‘status quo’ for model flyers, but only for the benefit of ‘those operating within associations or clubs with proven satisfactory safety records’.  However, the ‘Prototype Rules’ lack clarity on how this would be achieved in practical terms and still leave the potential for large areas of the proposals to be applied disproportionately to model flying.

Model Flying for individuals outside of Association Membership

Model flyers operating as individuals outside of an association would fall within the ‘Open Category’ with their aircraft having to comply with ‘Product Requirements’ which could include requirements for functionality not found in model aircraft such as geo-fencing, height limiters, electronic identification and auto return home functions.  It also places a minimum age restriction of 14 on all but the most basic category.

The ‘Product Requirements’ also limit electric powered aircraft to 48 volts and stipulate that the aircraft ‘must not be explosive or contain elements likely to explode’ (presenting a bit of a problem for model rocketry and gas turbines!) and require labelling with the appropriate ‘product class’ (which depicts the image of a multi-rotor!).

The ‘Product Requirements’ may be fine for large ‘drone’ manufacturers, but many model aircraft are manufactured in low volumes by small enterprises and I think that there is a very real danger that unnecessary and irrelevant over-regulation will drive many of them out of business.

Registration for all!

The ‘Prototype Rules’ require the registration of all operators of ‘unmanned aircraft’ within their own country and requires them to display their registration marks on all of their aircraft.  EASA states that ‘registration will also require new resources and it is envisaged that these resources will come from a proportionate fee to be paid by the people who register as UA operators’.  Our hope it that membership of an established model flying organisation would satisfy the requirement to register, but this is far from certain.

EASA stated clearly in their Technical Opinion published last Christmas that the intention was to ‘develop rules which will not affect model aircraft flying’ but they certainly seem to have failed in this regard. 

The significant numbers (over 500,000 throughout Europe) in the model flying community would be best served were EASA to follow the lead set by the Federal Aviation Administration in the USA whose comparable rules ‘do not apply to model aircraft’.

Europe Air Sports has worked hard to defend the status of model flyers throughout Europe over the last 12 years and along with the Secretary General of the FAI, we met directly with EASA in June this year to ‘present the case’ for model flying.  Sadly, EASA seem to have largely ignored what we told them, probably due to political pressure.  Regardless, Europe Air Sports remains very active on the ‘front line’ in the fight to defend the interests of model flyers throughout Europe.

EASA has ‘gone wrong’ in the past with the application of disproportionate regulation to other recreational aviation activities (such as gliding and ballooning), which has taken years to undo.  As written, I am concerned that the ‘Prototype Rules’ represent a case of history repeating itself.

What can we do?

Europe Air Sports has registered its concern to what has been proposed and is involved in ongoing discussions with EASA on a positive basis.  Representatives of EAS & FAI will be meeting directly with EASA again in the very near future to explain why we think they have got it wrong.

In partnership with our colleagues throughout Europe, we are proposing to form a European Model Flying Union (representing at least 500,000 model flyers) to collectively challenge EASA’s proposals.

In the meantime, should you wish to register your own comments or objections to the ‘Prototype Rules’, you can do so directly to EASA by emailing them at

As stated at the outset, these are ‘Prototype Rules’ and are the start of the rulemaking process.  As such, we will have further opportunities to provide input into the process as it proceeds.  However, it does indicate EASA’s current line of thinking.

A proposal has been submitted to the TRANSPORT Committee of the European Parliament to amend the EASA ‘Basic Regulation’ which would place model flying outside the scope of EASA regulation and leave it under the control of national authorities. The vote on this is expected to take place on 10/11 October and through Europe Air Sports we will be lobbying the relevant MEP’s and monitoring developments closely.

As it stands, the BREXIT vote has no bearing on the implementation of EASA regulations within the UK.  However, we are fortunate in the UK that the CAA remain broadly supportive of model flying and have confirmed that “our desire is to have small unmanned aircraft regulations that are realistic, proportionate and above all, simple to understand and use”. 


Dave Phipps

Aeromodelling Technical Officer to Europe Air Sports

Fencing erected

24 September 2016



You will see from the picture, the fence panels have been erected enclosing the Shelter, Start-up Box and Car Parking area.



Ricky, ably assisted by Sam, braved the strong winds on Saturday to complete the task and for that we are most grateful.  Not quite 'Area 51' but at least it will provide us with a 'clean' area in which to work, rest and play!




21 September 2016


A big thank you to George and Ricky who forgoed a leisurely  breakfast in order to meet the delivery lorry at 8.30 am.

The next stage of the grand plan is to erect the fence panels across the tarmac runway and along both sides down to the perimeter fence at the 'barn end'.  The whole area around the shelter, start-up box and car park will be enclosed keeping it out of bounds to our wooly winter visitors.




Relocation - Relocation

04 September 2016


The Shelter has been moved to a new location at the 'Barn-end' of the Tarmac runway.




Project Managers Bill Mc and Ricky have gathered together tools and the materials necessary to complete this move.



Bill secures square section steel braces at the openings             They seem happy with their endeavours thus far!



Furniture cleared out



Jacked up - ready to move                                                               MTK's the 'driver'


Keep her moving                                                                              Ooops.....slight hitch.   Bill gets it sorted



Final position                                                                                     Ready for a refit



Johnny spruces up the tables                                                           Time for lunch



Colin and Saun pose for the camera                                                Team NDMAC









A commandment from the Boss - (that's Barry in case you are wondering)

Glow & Petrol engines MUST, repeat, MUST be started in the Start-up Box.


Club BBQ 2016

28 August 2016





  Chef Barnes created enticing Gourmet Burgers which were greatly enjoyed by everyone



















The party's over.  A very BIG thank you to Tony for all the hard work on the coals and to Patricia for the lovely cup-cakes.







Site works at Kirkistown

15 August 2016


Work is currently underway with the installation of cables from the turbine to grid connection point.  The underground cables in the adjoining field are buried and neatly covered up.  Erection of poles along the Rubane Road to carry the cables overhead has been started.


Bill McC (Project Manager) has gathered all the bits we need for moving the Shelter.  It's to be positioned at the 'Barn' end of the tarmac runway.  We hope to organise a squad of able bodied pensioners and others to provide  muscle power for this operation.

   Can you help?

                                              Please let Stewart know if you are up for it. 

Sometime in September would seem to be the favoured month for this excercise.

Starting Box

A Starting Box area has been designated at the end of the tarmac runway.  You'll notice an 'L'-shaped wall of tyres there and shortly, some 'Ronnie-restraints' will be secured in position.  Being mindful of our neighbours, the tyre wall will help deaden the sound of noisy engines being run up and help preserve the peace!

Steadyhand completes fixing the 'Ronnie-restraints'.


Please start your engines in this box.     Thank you.


Taking it easy.




Work in progress

16 July 2016

DANGER!  -  MEN AT WORK           


Things are moving apace what with the positioning of a new Flight Line along the 'concrete' runway, some runway repairs and the construction of a Starting Box.


Ricky is definately not posing here;  he actually shifted quite a lot of earth.  Great job Rick.


Building up a Starter Box.  Hard work.  Cruelty to pensioners!  The exception being the 'young' guy on the left.


Some restraints will be secured in the Starting Box area which may be shared and the bank of tyres you see will be filled with soil to help muffle the sound of engines being run up.

Project managers Ricky and Bill McC have devised a cunning plan for moving the Shelter. This we will hope to do quite soon and it will require the assistance of as many voulenteers as possible.  A rallying call to the Colours will be made prior to the epic event, so cancel all holidays, hospital, dental and Specsaver appointments and be ready to lend a hand.  Remember, I know where you live.

The Shelter will be located at the 'barn end' of the Tarmac runway.  Final position, to be decided.


 The concrete runway is now designated the MAIN runway.  The tarmac runway will still be available when conditions prevent the Main runway being used.  ie:  Strong crosswinds or difficult lighting conditions.

'Happy landings' to everyone.



New Member RL

23 June 2016


A BIG WELCOME TO ROBIN who has applied for membership of NDMAC



Capt. Robin has many hours in his log book flying the 'Big Stuff' including passenger jets, such as the Embraers.  He will be joining his fellow aviator, Capt. Mark on the flight line and we can watch and see who can fly the fastest, the lowest, and who can excute the best landings!  He's also up for a bit of competitive flying (Fun-Fly) if anyone's interested.  Robin is hoping to buy a house in the Newtownards area which will be very convenient for the trips to Kirkistown.



Weston Park trip

20 June 2016



Nine NDMAC members flew to Birmingham to visit the three day Model Airshow



The happy group being welcomed by our pilot                                     Capt McMeekhan discusses his Flight Plan with Steve



The Captain reassures a nervous flyer                                                   Mark gets comfy



Mark's office                                                                                       First stop - 'Toby' for breakfast



Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Mushrooms, Beans, Fried Bread,                    Safe arrival at the Show

Tomatoes, Scrambled eggs, Tea, Coffee.  Yummy, Yummy!



Our chauffeur                                                                                        The spectators get ready



Every type of aircraft was to be seen                                                    Members of the 'Dawn Patrol' getting ready





Some nice models on the Horizon showline                                      These guys aren't bad either



Guess what made Tony's day...............................................................You guessed it.  A 250mph Pulse Jet!


You can see it flying here:



And if you think that was fast then have a look at this:  




Commentary by DB Sound                                                                     Nice shirt!



MTK spots a nice looking model                                                          OMG - He's thinking of electriflying it!!



Time for refreshment                                                                              Interesting.  Is that a DLE50 with header and can?



Some bargins to be had


What about this!!!!







Barry has his eye on something                                                           Trevor & Matt chat with Steve Holland. 

                                                                                                              Steve's 'Bronco' is the largest model at the show


Some liquid refreshment before dinner


Have a look at this - Helicopter & Plane flying at night.    



View these wonderful videos shot by Matt Chamberlain.  Click the links below


A Martin Pickering - spectacular.  Don't try this at home!



That's all for now folks.







24 April 2016

This year's Model Railway Exhibition was held in Bangor Grammer School

Although the exhibits are mainly aimed at railway enthusiasts, there were plenty of model aircraft on display as well as a flying simulator which proved very popular with the younger folks.


'Steadyhand' was kept busy offering assistance to budding pilots trying out the simulator


NDMAC gave assistance on the NIAA stand and the Bangor Electric Flying Club provided 'live' entertainment with a number of well organised indoor flying displays.  These were accompanied with running commentries which held the attention of the spectators.



Big turnout

19 April 2016




The wind direction was from the south-east, directly along the runway, which necessitated planes landing towards the Pitts.  Although not ideal, everyone managed their take offs and touch downs very successfully.  No problem with the sun in your eyes when flying from this temporary flight line.


                                        PLEASE NOTE 



Later the 'Prof' took the opportunity and maidened his new 'Hammerhead'.   Built from a prototype kit by 'MADDOG DESIGNS',  Peter was delighted with the way the model handled.  The 'Hammerhead' spans 63" and is powered by an ASP .91 2-stroke glow motor.  Being sturdily constructed the model's not the lightest but this should be an advantage when conditions are blustry, which quite often, they are.





A good day's flying ended at about 3.30pm.


'Happy landings'




10 April 2016




'Dusty', our industrious neighbour, went to work with his plough in the adjoing field and wrote a message so it could be seen from the air.

His son, Barry, believed this way of proposing would be bound to impress Hanna and guarantee a positive response. 

All aboard a Cessna from Newtownards which then flew the pair to Kirkistown.  Well, can you imagine the expression on Hanna's face when she looked out the window and saw his unique marriage proposal?  A beautiful engagement ring was passed to Hanna and I believe her answer to Barry was a big fat 'Yes'.




05 April 2016




A thing of beauty!


Rescue One

05 April 2016



George provides the muscle power


Our dinghy is currently stored at a local farm and George and Stewart went along to check on its condition.  A rub down and some air was all that was necessary.  It will be ready for when we commence flying at Cowey.

Steve's Tx

27 March 2016


Steve follows the 'Inspector' and changes to a Tray-type TX







09 March 2016

AFTER A SHORT ABSENCE FROM THE SPORT the prodigal son returns!



Welcome back Paul

Rogues Gallery

17 February 2016


Some of our members in their younger days!

How many can you identify?




1   &   2


3   &   4


5   &   6


7   &   8


9   &   10


11   &   12


13   &   14


15   &   16


17  & 18


19 & 20





Matthew's Gee-Bee

28 February 2016




Matthew's Gee-Bee Z

Interest was quickly awakened in the Pitts when Matthew fired up his G-B for its maiden flight.  There was some speculation as to whether it would fly, and for how long?   Sceptical bunch, aren't we?!

The model is built from a Jamara kit.  Wingspan is a dimunitive 800mm and was designed for electric power.  The previous owner who hadn't been 'radicalised', decided on a glow motor in the form of an Irvine .25.


Up and away


Matthew piloted the model up to the sky and after a few clicks of trim the assembled group of spectators was mightly impressed with its performance.  Quite fast too.



Upon landing, Matthew was congratulated for his piloting skills as many believed this is a plane that quite often 'bites' its pilot!


Well done Matthew




Planes up for grabs

22 February 2016

Mike Braithwaite (aka 'Sparky') has kindly donated these fine models to the Club. 

They are offered to club members who in turn can make a donation to club funds.




ASK 2M Foamy GLIDER - HobbyKing



DOMIN-8-TRIX 3-D Plane - HobbyKing


Chopped Finger

10 February 2016

Another member was admitted to the Chopped Finger Club today.

This time the injury wasn't caused by a spinning propellor but by the sharp trailing edge of an APC prop. whilst stationary!

So, watch out for those sharp trailing edges - give them a bit of a sanding to be safe.



It was debatable as to whether this pilot would qualify for membership considering the injury was quite minor, but given the amount of blood splashed around the vicinity of his plane and elsewhere, it was agreed his application should be approved. 


Check out the membership of this not so elite club here:

A change of style

25 January 2016




The 'Inspector' tries out JR's new tray-type transmitter, the XG14E. 


Conditions were far from ideal on Saturday (only four pilots turned out) - with wind speeds in excess of 20-mph and across the runway.  The Inspector's petrol powered low-winger quickly took to the air and appeared under expert control at all times.  Some superb landings were achieved in the very blustry conditions so, well done sir!


When asked what he thought of his new transmitter, the Inspector said. "It will take a bit more getting used to".


Man of the Year

18 January 2016

New Member

02 January 2016


NDMAC welcomes Jim to the Club



Jim lives on the Penninsula and is an extremely accomplished builder of both planes and yachts.  He's looking forward to joining us at Kirkistown once the fair weather moves in and hopes to fly his beautiful 1/4-scale Tiger Moth.



Baby Eryn

01 January 2016

Best Wishes


Best wishes to Steven and Ashleigh on the birth of their beautiful daughter Eryn, born on December 21st.



Photo Dennis Legge


From all at NDMAC

Xmas 2015

12 December 2015







Maiden MX2

27 November 2015


This week Steve brought his lovely MX2 along for its maiden flight.



Constructed from a 'Goldwing' ARTF kit, the model is powered by an EVO33 petrol engine, which gives it plenty of 'grunt'.  

Spans 72" and is fitted out with Spektrum digital servos.  Steve was pleased by the way the plane performed on the maiden flight and hopefully we'll be seeing it again soon - if the weather ever settles down!


Three new models

01 November 2015



The 'Inspector' brought along his lovely Seagull EDGE 540 for a test flight.  'MTK' had the honour of putting this lively machine through its paces and commented later that 'it flew beautifully'.

The 'Inspector' choose an O.S. GT33 petrol engine (33 cc) for motovation and the electronics are from the JR stable in the form of the X-Bus system.



Next up was 'Taildragger's' new Pilot RC Yak 54.  Hobbyplastic (MacGregor Industries) are the importers for the Pilot range of models and will ship  the boxes directly to your door.  The sales invoice will be forwarded to your dealer so you pay the dealer.  This arrangement means there is only one carriage charge involved and potentially less chance of transit damage..  Good idea.



The model is powered by a DLE35RA and is fitted with Spektrum receivers and Hitec servos.  This is a beautifully finished model as you would expect from Pilot RC, albeit at a price.  (£410 incl. delivery)


Another new plane to make an appearance recently was 'Taildragger's' Pilot RC Extra 330SC.



This is 35% scale and of the usual high quality expected from Pilot RC.  Carbon fibre wing tube, under carriage, spinner and tail wheel assy..

Powered by a DLE111 twin cylinder (111 cc) motor and fitted with twin MTW Cans & Headers.  8-nr. JR 8911 servos fed through a Powerbox 'Cockpit'.  Twin 2-S LiPo batteries make things work.  LiFe battery on the ignition.  Two aileron servos on each wing, two on the elevator and two on the rudder.  Biela prop..  Pilot bust not included.  Spats not fitted as yet.  The rudder and stabilisers are readily detachable to facilitate transportation in smaller vehicles which is very convenient.

As this particular model was not in stock in the UK when required it was ordered from a dealer in Belgium.  No dearer 'to your door'  than getting it from the UK!   Pound vs Euro played a part in that I guess.



New Member

03 October 2015


A BIG WARM WELCOME ...........

to Doug who has applied for membership.  Doug, who lives close by, has been out of the sport for some time but hopes to 'get back into it' again here at Kirkistown.  He's also a keen model boat man so Doug and Ricky will be able to compare notes on both fronts.


Peter welcomes Doug to the Club.

August Splash-in

31 August 2015


Sunday 30th August turned out a splendid day for flying off Lough Cowey.

Light winds and warm sunshine lifted the spirits of the pilots and and after many failed attempts in previous weeks, it was 'all action on the lake'.















Did you hear about the pilot who forgot his transmitter?    Yes - we've all done it.

After carefully assembling his plane my attention was caught when I heard him mutter a bad word.  Looking over I enquired.  What's the matter?   I've left my transmitter at home he replied.  I'll head back and get it.  I'll be back in an hour.

In due course the pilot arrived back empty handed.  Staring at the grass beside his model and shaking his head, he said.  Look.  It's bloody well lying there,  beside the plane.  I didn't notice it.


Moral of the story:   According to Confucius, a pilot participating of the strong red wine the night before flying shall suffer the memory loss and confusion between his left and right rudder. (And where he left his transmitter.)




Cosford Trip

21 July 2015



Last Friday, a party of nine Club members travelled to Cosford to visit the RAF Museum and attend the LMA's (Large Model Association) two day show.7

Situated in the picturesque countryside of Shropshire, RAF Cosford is not only home to No 1 School of Technical Training as part of the Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering but also No 1 Radio School, with both coming under the Defence College of Technical Truaining.

An early flight with Flybe meant hungry mouths had to be fed, so a stop-off en-route at a 'Toby' was a top priority.


Plates were generously loaded with a full English breakfast to satisfy the travellers' appitites and, like 'Oliver', one man stepped forward for seconds!   Why not indeed?



After an enjoyable high calorie intake of bacon, sausages, eggs and mushrooms,  it was off to the Museum where we spent some five hours touring the various hangars and marvelling at the wonderful exhibits on display.  Everything from Spits and Hurricanes to Vulcans and Victors and much, much more.  Well worth a visit should you happen to be in the area.


A magnificent static scale model of the P51-D Mustang.  Rivets, screws, hydraulic lines and an abundance of fine scale detail, all could be seen.   Ten years in the making and donated to the museum by its builder in honour of  the American pilots who lost their lives in WW2.  Truly wonderful.


Steve poses beside a Harrier.  Fond memories.  He served his apprenticeships here and worked on these aircraft.



Saturday and Sunday saw our group at the LMA show.  The weather was sunny and warm and with quite a breeze on both days.  It's not just at Kirkistown where the wind blows.  There were many trade stands on site, though probably fewer than in previous years.  We were able to pick up the odd bits and bobs for the workshop and impending build projects and fortunately, we managed to get everything through airport security!









Amongst the spectators were Colin L and Graham D who had made their own way over.  So, a total of eleven club members showed interest and attended this popular event .

The trip home was on a FlyBe 'Embraer' jet.  Manufactured in Brazil?  Lovely aircraft.  A very tight turn onto finals to the City Airport completed what turned out to be a comfortable and uneventful flight.

(I'm sure I heard from the flight deck, 'bank angle, bank angle, bank angle'!!)




Lawrence's 'Challanger'

24 June 2015



Yesterday saw the maiden flight of Lawrence's new model, a Seagull 'Challanger', which comes as a builder's kit.






Powered by a new OS .46AX glow motor, the model flew with authority in quite windy conditions and was a 'joy' to fly.

Lawrence has done a nice job with the covering;  Solarfilm and Solartrim for the 'Smartie' dots.  His wife's idea, and it looks really well.  Something different.



Lawrence hopes to fly it with the aid of a 'buddy lead',  assisted by one of the Club's instructors, just as soon as he wind dies down!

Nice to see a traditional built model at the field.



Craigavon splash-in

15 June 2015



A trial Splash-in was held in the beautiful setting of Craigavon Lakes, Co Armagh on Sunday.   Organised by John T and Seamus O'D in conjunction with the Council, the event was thouroughly enjoyed by all those who attended. 

Participants came from far and wide;  Enniskillen, Dundalk, Donegal and of course, NDMAC.  'Steadyhand', 'Sparky B, 'Taildragger' and Steve B carried the banner for the Club.

All types of water planes were on display.  Traditional, Foamies, Multi-rotors and a Gyrocopter on floats.  Boats also featured in the day's activities.



Some flyers posing for the traditional group photograph before moving to the lake shore



A recovery dinghy was provided by John T and 'Steadyhand' rigged up the Club's O/b to make life easier for the crew.

The weather was lovely, albeit a stiff on-shore breeze for most of the morning made the landings demanding, but this didn't put off the more enthusiastic pilots amongst us.

John T now hopes to discuss with the Council the possibility of holding more such events in the future.


John T


Seamus with his 3D printed Tri-copter.  Whatever next?


Some more pics:










                                                                                                                               No.  It didn't crash!


Video courtesy of CMAC:


A great day out.  Can't wait for the next one.



'A'- Test success

23 May 2015

The 'Inspector' takes his flying to the next level.


Today the 'Inspector' successfully passed his BMFA 'A' test.  Scrutinised by 'The Boss' and 'MTK', our two Club examiners, the 'Inspector' was deservedly awarded a Pass.



Mentored this year by 'Steadyhand' Elliott, the 'Inspector' duly reached the required standard, having shown great dedication and practising mainly in blustry conditions which have been so prevalent at Kirkistown this year.


The 'Inspector' & 'Steadyhand' (Club Instructor)




Letter from France

22 May 2015


Hi everyone.

We arrived safely here in Eguzon on Monday evening, after a pleasant drive down from Cherbourg. This was my car packed ready for the trip, fortunately some of my models were already in France.



 It's hard to believe we've been here over a week already.The weather was very hot for the first few days ( high twenties ) which made the gardening hard work. The forecast for this week is cooler with some showers.

The house and garden are almost under control now so we had a day out at the model flying club on Sunday ( lots of flying and no damage ) I will try to put a short video clip on You tube to show the layout of the runway etc.

This is a photo of a little depron  model I have started ( I thought this might interest George. )  



It's designed to begin learning aerobatics so it may not last too long, still the airframe is easily replaced.

Clicking on the link below should take you straight to the video if I did everything right, if not let me know.

What about Bill Shanks?   Is he able to get down to Kirkistown now that he is not driving?

Hope you are all getting lots of flying at Kirkistown.




Lane repairs

13 May 2015



A enthusiastic band of volunteers turned out on Wednesday evening, shovels and rakes at the ready, and tackled the job of repairing the inner lane.


Members enjoyed a hearty meal of Fish & Chips in the shelter before the delivery lorry arrived at 6.00pm with six tonnes of blinding, destined for the pot holes.  Duly fortified by this high calorie intake, (of F & C!)  the gang quickly got 'stuck in'  and made light work of shovelling and raking.






A very big thank you to everyone who answered the call and turned up on the day.  Work got finished quickly which meant that flying could resume just as the sun was settling low to the horizon, on what turned out to be a great evening indeed.



New Protocol

04 May 2015


It is hoped that adopting this will make it easier for Fixed wing and Rotory wing fliers to slot in at different times on the flight line, thus avoiding a mix of helis and fixed wing models flying at the same time.

To this end, a Sign has been attached to the windsock pole.  It shows 'RESTRICTED FLYING' when displayed.



It will be displayed when Helicopters have a flying Slot, (only helis allowed to fly) and can also be displayed when a test flight is taking place or a fast jet is flying if the pilot so requests.




01 May 2015


Just to keep club members informed as to what went on at the auction selling modelling items about which the club was informed by email recently.

I finished my work early on Tuesday night so decided to go to the auction obviously hoping to pick up a bargain or two.  I have never been to an auction since buying a Ford Escort for £400 thirty odd years ago, so didn't really know what to expect.  As you enter the building you are asked if you require a bidders number which I did.  This cost a whole pound and attached to it was a list of the six hundred and seven items up for grabs.

It kicked off at six thirty and although they were getting through one hundred items every half an hour, it was over one and a half hours before the first plane was reached!   All the planes and kits were brand new and looked liked they had never been out of their boxes.  There was a 87" Thunder Tiger Cub, a Phoenix Comet, a Skymaster kit and a 200 mph, as the auctioneer said, Magnum.   There were also a few boats and tool boxes with various bit and pieces in them.


It was the Comet I was most interested in with the idea if I got if for around twenty pounds, then I could sell my rather sedate Bullet.



As the first plane was held up, and by the time I got my pen out and got the top off, three modelling items had been sold!  Going by memory, the Cub started off around £30 went like a flash to 40, then 50, 60, 70, 80 and finally went for £87.  That really surprised me.  A Ben Buckle (?) free flight thing went for £17. 



A Ferrari boat for £40 and the Comet which I had an interest in, went from £20 to 30 to 40 to 50 and was sold for £55.  Not by me I might add.

Added to this price is 15% commission PLUS 20% vat!!!  Not cheap.  The only other item I had  interest in was a plastic tool box c/w bits and pieces, most of which I would have no need for, but the tool box was quite sturdy.  Only go to a fiver I keep saying to myself.  £8 was the starting price then £12, 14, 16, 18, and it sold for £20 bleddin' quid!  Perhaps there was some 'buried treasure' in the bottom which I missed, but no way was it worth that amount of money.  (Yikes - hope nobody from our club bought it!)  There were another two modelling items.  A box of various modelling tools and another with an assortment of servos, but it would have been another one and a half hours before they came up.  So I headed home, my tail between my legs.

So that was how I spent my Tuesday night, and I think the moral of this story is, if there is something that you really want, then yes it would save you money, but if you want a super cheap bargain, just forget it.


'A' - TEST

26 April 2015



Saturday saw Ricky rise to the occasion and take his BMFA 'A' test.

Conditions were far from perfect when Ricky committed his high wing 'Sedona' to the sky.



None-the-less, Ricky put in a competent performance in the strong winds and was duely awarded a Pass.

Well done sir.



Family Matters

14 April 2015

Congratulations to Matthew and Lisa on the birth of their son, Reuben



Reuben's first outing to an airfield was on Easter Monday when he went to UMAC's Fly-In.  It is reported that Reuben particularly liked the electric planes!

Best wishes from all at NDMAC.


Mike 'Sparky' Braithwaite


07 April 2015



At one stage there were eighteen cars on site and we welcomed some visitors who were interested in seeing what we get up to.



One or two regulars were unable to make an appearance as they had been smitten with the 'bug', and for those who did manage to make it, there was plenty of coughing and sneezing to be heard in between between flights.


Other news

A new protocol for helicopter slots was inaugurated today which seemed to meet with the approval of all concerned.  In due course a sign will be positioned at the pilots' box indicating that a heli slot is active.  This will be trialled for three months before being written into the club rule.

Mark, the 'B-Flyer' was signed off by a club instructor to fly solo so we're all very pleased about that.

The club B-B-Q was fired up which added to the atmosphere on the day.  Incidentally, it is available to be used on any flying day, so don't hesitate to bring along your goodies and cook them for  yourself.


A happy group enjoying the Easter sunshine





Chopped Finger Club

04 April 2015

The 'Chopped Finger Club' admitted a new member today.

Blood was drawn and skin was torn by a spinning propellor whilst the pilot, (who wishes to remain anonymous) was adjusting the needle valve on his petrol engine.



'Steadyhand' was quick to grab the first-aid box and the wounds were treated in the, by now well practised fashion.



This appeared to be a case of flesh wounds but the casualty was advised to have them checked out, just in case there would be damage to the tendons.

So. Be careful; it could happen to you.

(I wonder who wears a Rolex?)


New Member Jimmy

24 March 2015



Today a new family member joined the Club



Jimmy is 11-years young and has be adopted by 'Capt' Jim Adair.



Jimmy is a Jack Russell cross, very affectionate, and can't wait  to see his new home in Kircubbin.




22 March 2015




Given the recent spell of warm weather the weeds have decided to pop up and make their appearance noticable.  If not treated early, the thistles in particular can be hard to 'zap'.

So a very big thank you to the enthusiastic volunteers who responded to the 'Call' and showed up yesterday to tackle this annual chore.


The main runway and the area to the front of the shelter are finished.

This leaves the two lanes to be sprayed.  So, when next coming along to fly, please bring along your sprayer, if you have one.  Many hands make light work and all that.

Also,  we need to 'walk the walk'.  Stones and broken concrete bits are lying about on the runway.  Bring your bucket and we'll have it tidied up in no time!

We appreciate our wonderful flying site.  Let's maintain it to a high standard.



St Patrick's Day

17 March 2015

This Tuesday saw a good turn out of pilots at Kirkistown. 

By noon the wind had all but died away and with the appearance of the Sun, every one was in good spirits.  Good too to see Richard back flying again after his absence since November.



Richard has added an Align helicopter to the fleet and got in some useful practise during the afternoon session. 



To get back into the way of flying fixed-wing, Richard thought it would be prudent to take his first flight with a Trainer.  This went smoothly, and in due course he proceeded to execute a perfect landing.  Confidence building indeed.

Twelve enthusiastic pilots were in and out of the Pilots' Box during the course of the day.



Mark McM (aka 'The B-flyer') had quite a few flights  mentored by George and Steve.  His professional skills shone through as expected, so I guess it won't be long until he's up for the 'A'-Cert test.


'Steadyhand' brought along his latest build in the form of a new plan built gyrocopter.


These heavier-than-air machines can be fickle at the best of times and today was to prove no different.


Despite Steadyhand's best efforts, and given there was virtually no wind to spool up the baldes, the test flight ended about five meters from the 'chuck' point but without damage.

Next time George I'm sure!

Flying continued until after 4pm and twelve pilots returned home in the best of form.



L Cowey

19 February 2015

VALENTINE'S DAY SPLASH-IN at L Cowey seemed to attract as many Yachts as 'Planes.

Upon viewing these photos, a member's wife commented.  'That Bill is a dash handsome fella.  You should make him the Club Pin-up'

(For her protection and safety, I will not reveal her name.  Ed)


A big thank you to Sam 'the Sailor' for sending these photos



10 February 2015

Tuesday saw a large turnout of Pilots and Planes and several maiden flights completed satisfactorily.



At one stage there were fourteen cars in the car park, something of a record for a weekday in February.

John W brought along his new Sedona which the 'Prof' checked over and test flew without incident.

Ken assembled his, straight off the production line, HobbyKing Stick and, after all the usual checks were completed, Stewart launched it skywards, powered by an ASP .91 2-stroke.  (Proper job!)  The motor was a perfect match for this model.  It sounded great and was very solid in the air.  A good next step up from a Trainer.

'Sparky' (M Bw) had no less that two new models along for maidening.  Peter the 'Prof' checked out the Sbach 342 (traditional materials in the build) and it flew convincingly powered by a Hacker electric motor (tut!)

Ed: A proper motor in this Sbach would have been a DLE20

Next in line from Sparky's squadron was a e-Flite Carbon Yak 54 for a maiden.   Stewart commented, 'it flew very well albeit an electrically motivated model!'  Yes.  Really.  It did Mike.



Just out ouf curiosity Mike, how many planes now reside in your Hangar?  I hear they are working overtime at the HK factory!


Bill M then produced a new Hype for a test flight.  After tuning a fickle Weston engine to peak revs, the maiden was completed without issue and Bill went home a very 'happy bunny'.

Good too to see 'young' Eric along after his recent break from the sport.  Eric advises that he's almost decided on his next model and hopes to 'get going' soon.  I think he let it slip that it would be powered by electrons!

It's not just the lights in San Francisco that will go out.  With all this charging it may well be the lights on the Ards penninsula!

A great day's flying for young and old and with wind speeds in the zero to 5 mph range,  what more could you wish for?




welcome to Mark

02 February 2015

A very big welcome to Mark who has recently applied for membership.

As a commercial pilot, Mark has plenty of experiance flying Dash 8 turboprops but is relatively new to the sport of RC Flying.

Today saw Mark have a maiden flight with his newly constructed WOT4 powered by an OS .40.  Mark completed several 'figures of 8' in the blustry conditions and placed the model back on the tarmac with a degree of precision that only  his years of flying the 'big stuff' had taught him how to do.

Mark is from Newtownards, and is married with two daughters.


Welcome 'aboard!

Sheep Clean Up

20 December 2014

The good news is that our wooly 'friends' have departed.



Now for the clean-up.

Your committee turned out in force this Saturday and tackled the job of cleaning inside and around the shelter.




A big thank you to Mike Bw and Ronnie who joined the work party and assisted some older members of the committee with their endeavours!


Thirsty work calls for re-hydration.    George has a drink from the Butt      (Or maybe he is priming the siphon?)


Next time you visit the flying site you will enjoy your lunch in the near sterile  environment of the Departure Lounge.




So, it's a goodbye from them &





It was a bit of a breeze

18 October 2014


The weather forecast for Saturday was showing a 'nice day', but wind speeds of 22 mph.



Six of the Club's intrepid pilots arrived on site to hone their skills in the windy conditions. (20-mph plus.)  A lovely day
with temperatures of 16-degs;  unusual for the time of year.


First aloft was Michael who made it look 'easy'.  Quickly followed by Dennis who made it look 'exciting'.  Then George and Stewart had a 'turn'. (no medical attention required!)   But full credit on the day was given to Ronnie, who, with George as his mentor, flew his petrol fuelled trainer in a most competent manner, completing several good circuits and landings unaided and without incident.

Bill too, had several sorties with his .46-sized Stick and remarked that he too, 'much enjoyed the day'.

So....... don't let a 'blow' make you say no!


A-Test success

22 September 2014



Darren had a happy smile on his face on Saturday after successfully completing his Helicopter A-Test.



The Club's examiners, Barry and Michael, scrutinised Darren's performance and deservedly awarded him a pass.

Well done Darren.


2014 Fly-in

22 September 2014


The Club's Fly-in held on Saturday 13th September was deemed to have been a great success. The weather favoured us kindly on the day and the 'muck' spreading in the adjoining fields did nothing to deminish everyone's enjoyment of this, our well supported annual event. 

Jets, Helicopters, Scale and Aerobatic planes were in abundance.  A tasty B-Q-Q was on offer and we would like to express our grateful thanks to Declan who volunteered, at short notice, to fill the position of Executive Chef and ensure that all the hungry mouths were fed.  The committee would like to pass on their thanks to all the visitors who supported the Club and in particular to the pilots who travelled from Letterkenny and other distant parts of the provence.  Thanks too to Dave's RC models for bringing his comprehensive mobile shop along much to the delight of prospective customers.  A big thank you to Anne and Mike of Action MS who manned the MS van, provided background music and the delicious cup cakes.  Thanks to Matthew Poots (Horizon Hobby UK), Ian Butler, Harrison's of Greyabbey, Dave's RC models for the generous prizes donated to our Raffle.  And thanks also to Barry for ensuring I won the first two!!


A Fly-in Viodeo has been posted.  Click on the YouTube box on the front page.


Anyone who sees a photograph and would like a copy, get in touch and I can email it to you.



Matthew's Blog

12 September 2014

IMAC World Championships 2014


Click on the link below and follow Matthew's exploits in the USA.





Bill's Pride & Joy

20 August 2014

This morning, Bill arrived at the field with his new 60-size 'Pulse' for its maiden flight.

This is a Hangar 9 artf model to which Bill has fixed an O.S. 61 glow motor at the front end.  DS821 servos operate the control surfaces and a Spektrum DSM2 receiver (AR7000) makes things happen.

Conditions at the field were good with a stiff breeze along the runway.  Bill completed two very successful flights with his new toy and went home a 'happy bunny'.


Fly-in Preparations

05 August 2014

Your committee turned out recently to tackle the annual chore of repairing the runway.  Raking out, brushing, filling and rolling was the order of the day.  'Cold tar' was the favoured material for filling the holes, many of which were attributed to enthusiastic burrowings of the resident rabbit population.


Assisting in the operation was Graham who inadvertantly arrived as work was in progress.  Graham willingly got 'stuck in' and his efforts were much appreciated.


A big thank you to George, Peter, Bill McC, Barry, Stewart, Michael and Graham for all the hard work.


Speed Trial

19 July 2014

Recently, Dennis fitted Mike's Ultra Flash with a GPS recorder.






09 July 2014


On Tuesday, just as the day's flying activities were drawing to a close at Kirkistown, we were greatly surprised and most pleased to welcome Phil Taylor (Training Officer St Angelo MFC - Enniskillen) and Steve Holland (no introduction necessary) who just happened to be passing by.

Phil and Steve were in the area on business, and so with some time to kill, they popped in on the chance of meeting some of the lads.

As luck would have it, a few of us were still there.  We greatly enjoyed chatting to Phil and Steve on many matters aeronautical.


                                                George    -    Phil    -    Steve H    -    Steve B


Those of us who were at Wings & Wheels this year watched Steve demonstrate his beautiful Bronco and were in awe at the performance which he put on for the crowds.

Here's a link to Steve's video of the Bronco at the Blackbushe show:

Stewart noticed Steve eyeing his new Carden Extra 300 and offered him the Tx to go off for a flight.  We were entertained with a stunning performance, and the more so since Steve hadn't flown Stewart's plane before.  Took to it like a 'duck to water' as they say.  However, he did request, tongue in cheek, 'could you turn up the rates for the next flight?'  (Not a  problem Steve.)


                                                           Stewart           -             Steve



As a top display pilot 'on the circuit' Steve has many good yarns to tell.  An hour and a half flew by very quickly when, unfortunately, our visitors had to take their leave.

George expressed our hopes to Phil and Steve, they would drop in and visit us again soon as they would be most welcome.

A very enjoyable end to a lovely day at the Field.


Midlands MFC Fly-in 2014

26 June 2014


Midlands MFC Fly-in June 2014



Click this link to read about this successful event:      



Matthew Poots


18 May 2014


There is no doubting that model restraints are an essential bit of kit for those of us who fly I.C. and electric powered planes.

A club member has kindly manufactured a number of these splendid units which have been handed out on a gratis basis.



The material, not to mention the labour, dosen't come cheap.  Our benefactor has declined to accept any payment but did suggest that those of us in receipt of them, could donate £15 to Club funds.

That idea was readily supported by many and club funds have benefited accordingly.

If you would like a set, George will be happy to oblige.


16 June 2014

Last week Stewart, Peter and George went into Harrison’s for breakfast on their way to Kirkistown.  They each had a large fry with a pot of tea and the bill came to £25.  Not having change, each of them handed a £10 note to the waitress.

The waitress went to the till and returned with five one pound coins.  Each of the three committee members took a pound and they left the remaining £2 as a tip.

So each diner therefore paid £9, each having handed over a ten pound note and receiving £1 back. That’s £27 they spent in total.  The waitress received a £2 tip.  That accounts for £29.  Whatever happened to the other pound?

George hasn’t slept a wink since realizing a pound is missing.  Can anyone put him out of his misery?

Mike Braithwaite
June 2014


More Regulations!

13 June 2014

Nitromethene New Rules

Do you buy Nitro Methane based fuel?

If so, it’s IMPORTANT that you read below:

A New European Union Regulation on Explosives Precursors comes into effect in Northern Ireland on 2 September 2014.

A precursor is any everyday chemical that can be used in the preparation of an explosive device.  Nitro Methane falls into this category.

The regulation states that sales of nitro methane above a concentration of 30% by weight must be control.  This is equivalent to a concentration of 23% by volume.

This may affect you if you buy Nitro Methane based fuels, as a licence will be required for anyone wishing to purchase Nitro Methane based fuels above a concentration of 23% by volume.

If you need to apply for a licence, further guidance will shortly be available on our website at

If you have any other queries please contact us on

Licences will cost £35 and will be valid for 3 years.

After 2 September 2014, you will not be allowed to buy Nitro Methane based fuels above 23% vol. without a valid licence.


Gareth Savage
Protective Security Unit
Security & Protection Group

Stormont House | @niopressoffice


Matthew cleared for Solo Flight

01 June 2014

On Saturday, Matthew demonstrated his flying ability and has been cleared by Barry to fly solo.


Next step will be the 'A' Test.



Well done Matthew.


Chopped Finger Club

01 June 2014

The 'Chopped Finger Club' admitted another member yesterday following his encounter with a spinning propellor.



Fortunately the wounds to his fingers did not envolve damage to the tendons.  The Club's first-aid kit was readily to hand (no pun intended) and after a visit to A & E and some treatment, the patient was discharged.

This kind of accident can happen so easily.  A momentary lapse of concentration can spoil your day at the Field. It dosen't matter whether you are working with a glow engine or an electric motor, they both are capable of inflicting very nasty injuries.  If you are assisting a pilot with his plane, try not to chat to him too much and let him concentrate on what he is doing.




Ricky's Flying Site - France

29 May 2014

Ricky has left these shores (and our weather) to enjoy a few month's R & R  at 'Chez Rick's' in France.

He's sent this link to show us his adopted flying site at Azerables.

Looks fabulous.

Ricky returns home in September.

Maiden Flight

15 May 2014

Today Steve successfully maidened his beautiful 'Pilatus' PC-21.

The Pilatus has a 6-S battery in the power train and sports a smart retractable undercarriage with sprung oleos.


Upon executing a perfect landing (and after Steve's knees had ceased knocking) Steve thought he would up the flow of electrons and install an 8-S fuel tank.



Always nice to see a new bird at the field and especially one of such lovely lines as this PC-21.

Weed killers in action

15 May 2014

Today a team of 'volunteers' turned up at the field to tackle the annual chore of weed-killing.  It would have been preferable to have achieved an earlier start in the year for this ritual but as the met office have assured us that there would be a settled period and no rain, the job was tackled today.

Double measures of the weeds dislike were duly mixed and applied, so hopefully we will see the results of our labours in a few day's time.


A very big thanks to Peter, Mike Bw, John, Colin L, Matthew, Steve & Barry.



New Member

08 May 2014

Welcome to Matthew who has applied for membership.

Matthew has been practising hard on a simulator before trying his hand at the 'real thing'.  He has taken to flying his .46-size trainer 'like a duck to water' impressing the old hands at the field with his competent handling of the model.



Matthew starts 'Uni' in September and hopes to tackle the 'A' Certificate before leaving for Scotland.  (Might have to take your passport Matthew!)


NDMRC Exhibition

15 April 2014

The North Down Model Railway Club's annual exhibition this year was held at Bangor Grammer School over the week end of the 12/13th April.

This was the first time the event was held at the new venue and resulted in record crowd attendences over the two days.

In addition to the many wonderful displays of model trains and track layouts, the Belfast Model Flying Club provided support with a static display of radio controlled aeroplanes and were on hand to give information and advice to those interested in getting involved in the sport.



Barry and George from the North Down Model Aircraft Club assisted Maurice Doyle (BMFC) at his stand and were on hand to answer visitors' questions on the subject of model aircraft flying.




A big attraction was the 'ReaL Flight Flying Simulator' which Maurice used to competently demonstrate how to fly and land a model aeroplane.  (Not bad for a pilot who normally has strings attached to his model!)


George watches as Maurice completes a perfect landing.


It was reported that this year's event was the most successful to-date.


(Thanks to Sam for the photos)



NIAA Forum

07 January 2014

The Northern Ireland Association of Aeromodellers now has its own forum, along with the usual mix of general modelling related topics, classifieds etc.  Each club has its own section.

In the clubs area, there is a general open forum for clubs to post flyin details, club info, general club activities, pictures etc., viewable to all.

There is also a private Members Only forum this is only available to your club members who will have to apply to join.

Each club can nominate someone who will have access to approve these members. (called a Group Leader).

Members Only forums are only viewable by members of that club so clubs can feel free to post private inner club matters, like meeting details, membership renewals, who is meant to cut grass etc.

Details how to register and how to make best use of the forum are listed under each topic.  Please read the Welcome topic when you first access the forum.

Each person joining the NIAA forum must be verified, this is planned to be fairly instant, but may take up to 24hrs.

You are also asked to join with your full name,  i.e. John Black not highflyer123.  You will also be asked for the name of your club.

The forum should provide a great means of letting everyone see what is going on in the area and a common meeting place and somewhere to get help if needed.


Xmas Dinner

15 December 2013

This year's Christmas 'Bash' at the 'Stables' was well attendend.  Seventeen revellers duly arrived to partake of the seasonal festivities.


Everyone agreed they had enjoyed excellent food, good company and good craic.

(Thank you to Matthew for the photos)


14 December 2013

Congratlations to Ashleigh & Steven upon the birth of their lovely daughter Rebekah Sarah Legge.



Best wishes from everyone at NDMAC


18 November 2013


Congratulations to Matthew and Lisa who took the plunge and 'tied the knot' on Friday.


The reception was held at the beautiful Darver Castle and Matthew found some time to entertain their guests with an aerobatic display of a small electrically motivated model (which he just couldn't resist bringing along!)



The happy couple are off to honeymoon down under in N.Z.  No doubt Matthew will find some time to fly inverted, or would that be the right way up down there?

Best wishes Matthew and Lisa from us all at NDMAC


12 December 2013

BMFA Nats 2013

Matthew Poots, Horizon Hobby's sponsored aerobatic pilot, took part in the I.M.A.C UK aerobatic competition held at Barkston Heath in August. Watching Matthew prepare for his slot proved to be a bit of an eye opener. The amount of prior preparation was quite awe-inspiring proving, yet again, that winning contests requires a lot more dedication than just being a good flyer!


Matthew was ably assisted by his Dad, Trevor, so all that prior preparation must have paid off!  At the end of the competition Matthew was declared the winner and retained his title “I.M.A.C Champion” for the fourth year running.

 Well done Matthew.


New Member RR

06 October 2013

A warm welcome to Ricky who has recently applied for membership.



Before visiting the NDMAC Ricky has been enthusiastically practising with his simulator which enabled him to get off to a good start with his E-flite 'Apprentice'.



Annual Fly-In

29 September 2013




On Saturday 28th September NDMAC held its annual Fly-in at Kirkistown.  This late season date replaced our event, originally planned for 17th August, which was postponed due to poor weather.

At the end of a dull and very damp week, we could not have hoped for better weather than the day that arrived on Saturday.  The sun shone, the wind died and a great turn out of planes and helicopters took to the air.

Although we had a super Fly-In last year, most people remarked that this year topped them all!




So what had made the difference?

Perhaps it was our new shelter, witnessing its first Fly-In.   Perhaps it was the fantastic culinary marvels served up by Tony Barnes from the club's hard worked barbeque.  Perhaps it was Mike Braithwaite and his hard working team, who so generously provided tea, coffee, cup cakes and non-stop aero-themed music over the PA system.  Perhaps it was the wonderful and diverse range of models and equipment displayed by Dave's RC Models.  Perhaps it was the very fine sum raised for Action M.S.  Perhaps it was just the unexpected good weather and the chance to meet some friends, old and new.  Perhaps it was the ballot prizes, kindly donated by Mike Braithwaite, Dave McClean and Matthew Poots on behalf of Horizon Hobbies.

I don't know what made the day so special, but I'll tell you that it will be hard to better that next year!

The visiting pilots, included Ian Robb, Harry Reid, David  Nolan, Stephen Brown, and Stuart, the 'Utterly Butterly man' to mention just a few.  Of course, Matthew Poots and wingman / father Trevor put on an immaculate and very entertaining aerial show which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present.


Stewart presents Ann Walker MBE, CEO Action M.S., with a cheque for £100 from the NDMAC


The event raised a whopping total of £353.59 for Action M.S.



Out sincere and grateful thanks go to everyone who came along to Kirkistown from near and far and who helped make this a thouroughly memorable 2013 Fly-In.





New Member RS

11 August 2013

Welcome to Richard who has recently applied for membership of NDMAC.



Two electric planes currently reside in his hangar.  Richard has been demonstrating his excellent piloting abilities in the blustry conditions under the watchful eye of Michael, our club instructor/examiner.

Richard is well qualified in the area of IT, so if you have any questions on that subject, he's your 'man'.

(Ed.  Are internal combustion engines things from a bygone area?)



16 July 2013


The Shelter Fund recently received a significant 'boost' with more contributions coming in to the 'Treasury'.

Thirty six members have generously assisted with this fund raising project.  We all can be proud of the wonderful facility which now stands on site at the NDMAC.

Thank you all.

Hon Treas.



Hobby King

04 July 2013





When contacted about this, Hobby King responded quickly and commented as follows:-


Hi (Taildragger)

Thanks for contacting the HobbyKing Support Team.

We are sorry to learn that some items are missing from your order. Our warehouse utilizes bar code identification, product scanning, RFID security, final item counting and parcel weight recording to ensure each order is full and correct. We take our shipping and dispatch accuracy seriously.

To open a claim file, you must do the following within 48 hours upon receiving the parcel:

1) Do not throw any of the packaging or product materials away. Keep the entire package 100% as you received it.

2) Weigh your parcel and its content. You can use a kitchen scale for this. It must be accurate to 5g.

3) Photograph the parcel and its contents. The photo must show products, parcel and packing materials clearly with the following information: Order ID, Parcel Weight, Missing item(s), and then attach photos of the parcel and contents, as stipulated above.

* Failure to follow the procedures above will subject to rejection of claim.

*Never accept a parcel that is crashed, damaged or has been left open - possibly allowing the contents to fall out.

Thanks for emailing support.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.





Well.  What would you read into this?


*    Bathroom scales accurate to within 5-grams.   That's a 'cracker' HK!  wink

*    Photograph everything.  What will this prove?   The missing parts won't appear in the picture!

*    Thought.   Ascertain from H K the ambient humidity reading noted when the parcel was so accurately weighed.  This will enable a calculation to be made to find the weight of moisture absorbation in the packaging materials.  The result can then be adjusted to compensate for the different humidity level recorded at this location.  Remember.  We're talking about an accuracy of better than 5-grams.

*   Pity that, when HK weighed the parcel, they weren't able to spot the fact that some parts weren't included.  Maybe their scales were a bit off that day.  There was however, an abundance of screws, washers and nuts which were surplus to requirements.  Maybe this goes some way to explain their error in 'final counting' and 'product scanning' etc. etc..



An itemised parts list is not included in the kit.  It's not obvious if smaller items are missing until you are at a stage of the build and go looking for them.

The model is of excellent quality.  I'd score it 9 out of 10.


Anyway.  I think I know where we are going with this!   It's a 'good-bye' from them, and it's a '.............' from me.


If you read this and can come up with a helpful, constructive and polite reply, please send me your thoughts.  I might give them another 'go'.




A further email received from Hobby King explains:-


Hi (Taildragger)

Thanks for contacting the HobbyKing Support Team.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that is caused. Please kindly be advised that it is normal procedure and necessary for us to check the photos for the missing issue shipped , and we need to record and claim with various department when necessary as well.

Look forward to serving you again in the near future! If you have any problems, you are kindly advised to contact us.

Thanks for emailing support.
If you have any other questions, please let me know.
HobbyKing Support Team





New Seating

25 June 2013

NEW SEATING  has been erected in the departure lounge at NDMAC International.



The cushioned seats are very comfortable and popular with pilots.  Yes, we really do spoil ourselves.



Thanks to Billy McC for this much valued contribution




25 June 2013


Interest in flying at NDMAC is as ever, on the increase.

Two applicants completed the necessary paperwork, and applied for membership.  (Yes. We do do things 'proper'.)

First up is Steve.  Steve holds a BMFA 'B' Cert and previously had been flying at Tyrella.  The concrete runway at Kirkistown proved irresistible to Steve who enjoys aerobatics with his electrically motivated Sbach.  He is also a keen scratch builder.



Steve hails from the Banbridge area and hopes to be a regular at Kirkistown.



Steve's good friend Phil H, also filled in the appropriate form and stated that he would like to fly at Kirkistown seven days a week!  Sorry Phil.  You'll have to make do with just six days.




Now retired, Phil held a full-size commercial pilot's licence and spent much of his time flying in Africa.  He's an expert at trimming his model for level flight just as he is expert at trimming his moustache.


Happy landings to both of you.




Disputed Airspace

23 June 2013



Tempers flared after a Yak54 flown by Mike and a Wot 4 piloted by Barry were involved in a mid-air collision recently as captured in this picture below.



Mike was expediting a 'knife-edge' whilst Barry was flying flat out in the opposite direction when the collision happened.  These were the only models airborne when the unfortunate incident occurred leaving a totally shredded Wot 4 and a badly damaged Yak 54.

George commented.  'We haven't had a mid-air at this field for a number of years now and the chance of such a thing happening is quite rare'.

A short time later Mike, (now affectionately known as 'Mike the Knife')  took to the air with Bill's trainer when Johnny also got his 'Stick' into the sky.  Well, would you believe it?  Crash-bang. The Stick and the trainer collided head on resulting in both model being destroyed!

Three dead and one in intensive care.  Unbelievable!



It will take more than Super-glue to fix this one



Johnny puts on a brave face and later enquired if anyone had a number for the Samaritans



‚ÄčNote:  Bill 'the Bookie'  is offering good odds on such an event happening again.  Maybe worth a punt??





Red Arrows

22 June 2013



Saturday the 22nd June saw the Red Arrows make a slight course alteration from their venue at Carrickfergus to carry out a low fly-past above the runway at Kirkistown with 'smoke on'.



Barry looked shocked when the formation overflew the barn with total disregard for Club rules and asked if anyone had Red One's phone number!



Estimated to be at no more than 600 ft the formation carried out a 'dirty' fly past which was applauded by those members who had turned up on this blustery morning and by the spectators at the 500 MRCI who were celebrating their club's 60th anniversery.



Thank you 'Red Arrows'



May B-B-Q

26 May 2013

NDMAC Barbeque held on 25th May 2013



Having been postponed from last week, due to the poor weather, our club barbeque and fly-in was worth waiting for.

The sky was blue, the sun shone and there was plenty of safe and uneventful flying, despite a brisk breeze from the south, which developed as the day wore on.




The turnout was very good, (twenty-two diners), given the other attractions (amongst which was Ulster's appearance in the Rabo Direct final against old rivals Leinster in Dublin).



(Love those braces Jim!)




Our great thanks go to Mike Brown, who laboured over a very hot bed of charcoal ( we must light up an hour earlier next time) to produce as fine a display of bangers and burgers as we've had.

The event resulted in a small, but much needed boost to club funds, which are just beginning to recover from this year's large expenditure.

Thanks to Barry and Stewart for organising and thanks to all who supported in person or in absentia, such an enjoyable day. We will do it again some time soon !



George 'Steadyhand'




22 May 2013



Thank you to the 'volunteers' who turned up at Kirkistown this morning to tackle the annual chore of ground maintenance.

An organised team effort ensured both the runways and the two lanes were carefully treated.

'Billy's Butt' was a god-send providing an ample supply of fresh rain water and this contributed to the job being finished in record breaking time.  

The farmer kindly agreed to move back the, 'you-know-what', which will facilitate the safe passage of vehicles to and from the Pitts.

Unfortunately, with wind speeds in excess of 15 mph, no one dared to fly!frown


Well done lads.







08 April 2013



On a clear Saturday morning, Komrade Mike took to the air with his electrically motivated Hobby King 'Spacewalker'.  After an enjoyable 6-minute flight Mike landed and was astonished to see that the tips of his rudder and fin were missing together with a large chunk of the upper fuselage!




What could possibly have caused this damage?  Was it a Plane?  Was it a Bird?  Was it Balsa-fatigue?   Five other models were flying at the time and no pilot observed any incident and no other model was reported damaged.


Mike remains mystified as to what happened and would like to hear from anyone who can suggest a possible cause.






News Flash

26 March 2013


Sad to say, a new member was recently admitted to the 'Chopped Finger Club'.


That's after he was discharged from hospital!  His unfortunate and nasty injury required no less than sixteen stitches. (See Gallery)

It was a nasty electric plane what done it.

He'll not be washing dishes 'nor 'hoovering' for a while yet.frown








New Members P & N

11 March 2013





 Phil                                              Nathan


Phil and Nathan are now fully fledged members of the NDAMC after having served their six month 'probationary' period.

Phil told us that little Finn McCready was born last Saturday 2nd March and is healthy and doing well.  Phil celebrated by treating himself to a lovely new DX18 Transmitter!  Congratulations Phil.

Nathan is practising hard and doing well with his  .40 sizeTrainer.   He hopes to be flying his new acquisition , a Hangar 9 'Pulse' .60 very soon.


Welcome aboard Guys.





Members' New Models

04 March 2013

Johnny's Quad Copter


 It was only a matter of time I suppose, before someone decided to experiment with one of these, and I've got to say, it was mighty impressive.



Johnny is on a learning curve with this particular aspect of model flying, and he is hoping to use this Quad-copter as a camera platform for video and stills photography as well as for FPV (First Person View.)

The model was very stable in the blustry conditions and Johnny demonstrated the 'Return-to-Home' function which worked with amazing accuracy.  GPS coordinated at the flick of a switch!

We will post more details here in the coming weeks and hopefully we can look forward to some nice aerial videos in and around the Club's designated area at Kirkistown.


Taildragger's 'Pitts Special'



This is a Black Horse ARTF model designed for a 1.20 4-stroke.  However, not being a fan of glow I fitted a DLE20 petrol engine which runs 'sweet as a nut' and has plenty of power.  The Motor box/Firewall will need to be reinforced to facilitate this.  Wheel spats yet to be fitted and I'll need to find a pilot bust for the 'office'.

This is a nicely made model covered with Profilm/Oracover and well finished.  All sheeted fuselage and good hardware pack.  Only problems were the wire undercarriage which was badly aligned and was subsequently re-engineered by 'Barnes Engineering'  (Thank you Tony)  The fuel tank required repositioning and securing and the motor box had to be shortened to accomodate the DLE20.  All worth while in the end.

I've only had two flights with it at this time and would comment that the model is quite lively.  The take off needs to be carefully controlled as it has a great preponderance to ground loop.  Nearly caught me out.  The stall is quite benign.  A pugnacious looking 1500mm wingspan model which will fit into my Ford Galaxy fully rigged.

Feb 2015



02 February 2013

Welcome to Matthew & Trevor   who have recently applied for membership.


Matthew and his Dad need no introduction from me other than to say that they are most welcome here at Kirkistown.

I understand Trevor does most of the building as well as being the 'Caller' during practise sessions and at competitions.

Matthew commented,  'I like flying at Kirkistown because of the nice strong sea breezes'.

Yes Matthew,  you've definately come to the right place!!



New Member MS

11 November 2012

A big welcome to Mark who's application for membership of NDMAC has recently been accepted.



Mark is currently in the process of changing jobs.  He hopes to get along to the field more often once he has settled in in his new position.


Exam Time

21 October 2012

Saturday 20th October saw two more pilots step forward to be scrutinised by the Club's examiners.

Graham was the first pilot to scramble taking to the skies with his electric powered 'Riot'.  Graham flew the BMFA 'A' schedule with precision and was awarded a pass.


 Mike - Graham - Barry



Mike - Eddie - Barry


Next up was Eddie 'The Eagle'.  Eddie flew his Tutor 40   ('Araldite Express')   in a competent manner to impress the judges and was deservedly awarded a pass.


(Onlookers reported that following a forensic examination of the site no trace of brown envelopes was found.)



01 October 2012

Just one moment's lapse of concentration and 'zippppppppppp'.

This is what happened to a pilot on Saturday whilst adjusting his

60-size 2-stroke.

Three fingers were badly cut requiring stitching.  Surgery was required on one finger to repair a damaged tendon.

Fortunately one of the Club's first-aiders, Billy McC was quickly at hand, (no pun intended) and the wounds were expertly cleaned and dressed.

The patient was then taken to hospital for treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.



Try not to become distracted when working on your engine/motor.

Know where the first-aid box is located.  You might consider keeping your own.

Don't fly on your own in case of an accident.

Make a Will.


BMFA 'A' Certificates

23 September 2012

Saturday 22nd September was a busy day at the field when two canditates stepped forward to be scrutinised by our club examiners, Barry and Michael.

Congratulations to 'Capt' Jim Adair and Laurie 'Snapper' Martin  who both completed the flying schedule successfully.  Jim flew his faithful 'Thunder Tiger' 60-size glow model with precision and Laurie used battery power in his 'Boomerang' 40-size trainer to demonstrate his skills.


Michael - Jim - Barry


Michael - Laurie - Barry

Congratulation to both pilots.

New Member MB

04 September 2012

Welcome to Mike who's application for membership has recently been accepted.



Mike has this lovely Hangar 9 'Pulse' 1.20-size, no less!  However, Mike is a convert to electric (tut!) and after a successful test flight today, Stewart commented that the model was a delight to fly and very stable in the blustery conditions.

The club instructors will be rushing to connect their 'buddy-lead' to have a go at flying this bute I'm quite sure!

Welcome aboard Mike.



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