Brian's beautiful 'Sopwith Pup'


For over two years Brian has been fastidiously crafting his Mick Reeves quarter scale 'Pup' and the result is truely magnificent.



The box of tricks which costs £475 and contains virtually everything you need to build the model. The plans are excellent and fulsome in detail and annotation, but there is no manual to tell you how to build. This is not a project for beginners and you will need to have considerable experience to build it successfully . Nothing comes pre-made and all components have to be crafted from the materials provided, time consuming but great fun and very rewarding !



Nothing complex here , the fus is a standard box frame with ply formers built off the plan.



Standard timber construction on the fixed tailplane assembly ,BUT all other elements are made from piano wire which requires silver soldered jointing. This follows the full size aircraft which has these components made from steel tubing. Very difficult to cover.



The U/C comes as a pre bent piano wire assembly in the kit , but a scale version can be made from steel tubing and bars which I opted for as an extra. This requires brazing of all the joints and leads to some blisters and some mistakes until you learn the skills.



Yet more metal working with silver soldering and jig making to get the dimensions and angles correct.  The tail skid is again an accurate replica of the full size.





A satisfying coming together of components.



All parts of the 1/4 scale Le Rhone engine are provided and fit together perfectly, the backs of the hollow cylinders proved useful in accommodating ballast to balance the finished aircraft, which is difficult with all the WWI types.



The Laser 180 fits perfectly within the cowl void , and upon reflection the 120 twin would also fit nicely and give more ballast up front.



Cutting the cowl requires patience as there is no room for mistakes. The riveting of the reinforcing ring to the front can and did take some time and experimenting to get a close fit.





Back to COG and balance, yes there is 3 1/2 lbs of church roof there and a further 1 1/4lbs within the cowl to achieve balance on the COG position. So multi cylinder engines are a help.











This is a Rotherham Pump which featured on most aircraft of the era and it pressurised the fuel tank to approx 2psi . I obtained the details from photographs in Old Warden museum collection and the pump was made from work bench scrap.  So who thinks we are clever pressurising our tanks from the exhaust!



Final assembly of finishes, again time consuming but very rewarding.



This is the first assembly after adjusting all the rigging wires , assembly now takes approx ten minutes, there are no loose nuts/bolts to contend with.  At 79in wingspan and weighing 15lbs/7kg it requires a 15-30cc engine and I chose a Laser 180.

The covering used was Solartex 'Natural'.  The model was hand painted using Mick Reeves paints.


Brian can supply more information on this project to those who are interested.  Please contact NDMAC on our Contacts Page.



Brian Sloan

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