FRSKY Horus X12S


The FRSKY Horus X12S Tx is their new flagship Tx.



The Tx itself is a high quality robust item featuring a beautiful full colour TFT outdoor readable screen

It comes with FRSKY’s own new FrTX operating system which has proved to be very intuitive and easy to program, it has most mixers included to operate an aerobatic plane, helicopters, gliders and multi-rotors are also catered for.  If even more programming features are required the user can flash the Tx with OpenTX software which is currently under development.

There are too many features to describe the main ones being:-*

*   16 Channels if using the FRSKY X8R receivers

*   CNC 6 ball bearing gimbals incorporating hall-effect sensors

*   Internal and external aerials for long range and diversity

*   MP3 player

*   Built in GPS and 6 axis accelerometers

*   Bluetooth wireless training connection

*   External JR style RF module bay to use the receivers of your choice

*   Full Telemetry and real time telemetry logging.

*   Ability to switch the RF off if required.  I found this particularly useful when I was first learning the menu system.



In use I found it very easy to update the firmware using an SD Card inserted in the Tx, the Tx itself is reassuringly well built and weighs about 1.5-Kgs, if using the after market neck strap holder it sits very comfortably ready for use,  as a thumb on stick flyer I was very impressed and pleased with this new piece of equipment.

Hope this is enough without getting too technical email me if more wanted.



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