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Probably the most widely known cure for a burn is to hold the affected area under cold running water.  It is recommended that you hold the burned area under the running water for a minimum of ten minutes.  Hands up.  Who has ever held a burned finger or whatever under a tap for ten minutes?   What happens if you are at the flying club?  Do you put your hand in the barrel of water at the back of our shelter?  I wish you well recovering from the infection!  Then of course there is the so-called treatment of putting butter on the burn.  Some people may enjoy the smell of frying skin, because that is exactly what the butter does; it promotes the burning!  So that is a big NO NO.

We have all seen the pictures of the gentleman’s hands from the north of our province in a recent BMFA magazine.  An unfortunate set of circumstances combined to create a lipo to explode.  However, if a simple, reasonably inexpensive product had been available at his flying field, his injuries would have been significantly reduced.

I was first introduced to Burnshield a few years ago when I attended a first aid course.  My trainer could not stress in any greater terms how much she admired this product.  Indeed, she had had used it previously herself when her young child had accidentally knocked a scalding cup of tea all over his chest.  His only scar was a small circle on his chest, the size of a five pence piece.

There are many different products in the Burnshield range, but the one I am most familiar with is the hydrogel that comes in a sealed plastic sachet.  These sachets range in size from 10cms square right up to the big sizes that could cover a person’s entire chest.  Inside the sachet is what I could only describe as a cross between a flat piece of sponge and a piece of gauge, soaked in a gel.  

I have used Burnshield on numerous occasions.  Indeed, I carry a Burnshield Emergency Kit in my car whilst at the flying field.  There are always sachets also in the first aid kits carried both in my wife’s car, my own car and also at home.  This stuff is MAGIC.  

I was recently using a soldering iron at home and it slipped.  I prefer not to elaborate further and really show my stupidity, but suffice to say I burned my index finger quite badly.  After securing the iron it was straight into the kitchen and placed a couple of square inches of Burnshield on top of my finger.  Then I wrapped a bandage around it to keep the Burnshield in place.  Within seconds the heat was removed from the burn and the healing process had begun.  No blistering and no scaring.

I have only bought Burnshield from retailers on the net where it is readily available.  A small sachet suitable for a finger burn costs less than £3.   Believe me, it is worth every penny.  No home should be without it.

Mike Braithwaite - March 2014


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